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Dear students,


Our new 5-week program will finally begin next week!

For those who have chosen courses starting from June 26th, here's the classroom information for you


** No class on June 26th(Monday) but you are invited to the Orientation & welcoming dinner at 17:30. Please come to the Sky Lounge (13th floor of the Main building)


 - Classroom Building : Main building (tallest building on the campus)

 - 5-Week Office : Main building Room 605

 - HUFS main international office : Historical building Room 102


CodeCourse TitleTime Room No.
KORN 101 Introduction to Korean Language8:00-10:00330
HIS 101 Introduction to Modern East Asia History8:00-10:00329
ACCT 111 Financial Accounting8:00-10:00328
HIS 102 Introduction to World History10:00-12:00118
ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics10:00-12:00328
ACCT 112 Managerial Accounting 10:00-12:00330
PHIL 201 Introduction to Ethics10:00-12:00329
MKT 301 Consumer Behavior12:00-2:00330
ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomics12:00-2:00328
RELG 101 Introduction to Religions12:00-2:00329
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology2:00-4:00330
ECON 203  Business Statistics2:00-4:00328
MKT 201 Principles of Marketing2:00-4:00329
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy4:00-6:00329


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