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  2019 Spring Semester Global Hall Dormitory(Seoul Campus)
Accommodation Information for Graduate Students


We are now offering students accommodations as below at Global Hall Dormitory of HUFS in Seoul Campus. Please apply for accommodations within application period.


1. Qualification: HUFS graduate school freshmen®istered students (including international students and foreign nationals)

Students who are taking a leave of absence or Global Campus students can apply

2. Application Period: - First Round : 15th January(Tue.) ~ 18th January(Fri.)

- Second Round: 19th January(Sat.) ~ 25th January(Fri.)

3. How to Apply: Online application (Graduates’ Link: )


4. Selection Criteria

1) You will be selected based on your application date, school commute distance, and your GPA of last semester.

2) International students and foreign nationals will be chosen over the other candidates. (Needed document : 1 copy of Passport)

Proof Documents should be submitted until January 25, 2019(You will be excluded if you do not submit it)

How to submit : Visiting Graduate school office / Sending by Post mail or E-mail

HUFS Graduate school office Address: In young Lee, Graduate School Building #102, 107, Imun-ro,
Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Postal code: 02450)

E-mail :


5. Notification of Results (Individually announced)

Documents for final candidates:

One copy of original resident registration (The address should be identical to the one that you wrote in an application form)

Or a copy of your passport and Alien Registration Card (Both the front and back pages)

Written pledge

Tuberculosis test confirmation document (chest X-ray) should be submitted during check-in period.

(Tuberculosis test confirmation documents only issued after January 1st,2019 are valid. You cannot move-in to the dorm if you do not submit a confirmation document.)

- Move-in date can be adjusted because of the safety inspections for a new building after completion.

- Move-out: August 17, 09:30 ~ 15:00


6. Notice

1) Period of Living: 6 months (1 semester + vacation)

2) About Rental Fee (Prices are per person based on double occupancy)

Graduate Students


6 months




[ will be settled and returned after moving out ]


Maintenance Fee


Cleaning Fee



\ 2,618,000


3) Students have to pay the rental fee within 10 days after you have received an accommodation offer.

Students have to make the deposit to a Woori Bank virtual account given by a teller, online banking, or telebanking.

Your name of the payment must be identical to the one on your passport. You will not be accepted if they are not identical.

You have to pay in Korean currency (). If your payment is not enough in Korean currency, you will not be accepted.


7. Note
1) You will be disqualified for the whole year if you are caught forging documents or moving in instead of others.

2) Contact for other inquiry: 02-2173-2862, e-mail ( )




HUFS Global Hall Seoul Campus


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