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1. Those who can take Thesis Guidance I or II

-Thesis Guidance I : Master's course students who enrolled 3rd or 4th semester; Doctoral course students who enrolled 2nd, 3rd, or 4th semester; Integrated course students who enrolled 4th, 5th or 6th semester.
-Thesis Guidance II : Doctoral course students who have already completed Thesis Guidance I and enrolled 3rd or 4th semester; Integrated course students who have already completed Thesis Guidance I and enrolled 5th or 6th semester.


2-1. How to apply to take Thesis Guidance(Enrolled Students)

-Application period : Feb 18(Mon) ∼ 20(Wed) or Mar 4(Mon) ~ 8(Fri)

-Students can apply to take Thesis Guidance through online course registration system. (It is categorized into "공통선택과목(전체대상)"



2-2. How to apply to take Thesis Guidance(Students who have completed coursework)

-Application period : Feb 18(Mon) ∼ 20(Wed) or Mar 4(Mon) ~ 8(Fri)

-Students can apply to take Thesis Guidance by submitting application form to Graduate School office because they cannot use the online course registration system. You can download the form at our website(논문 menu -> 양식함 -> 석.박사관련 -> No.5)


-You may visit our office, use FAX(02-2173-3369) or postal service to submit the application form.


3. Notes

1) To take Thesis Guidance, students should be matched with advising proffessor.

*If you did not apply to be matched with advising professor, register Thesis Guidance first, and then submit the form to me matched with advising professor.

2) Process of Thesis Guidance : During the semester, there will be the presentation of thesis proposal. After students submit the document of thesis proposal to advising professor, the grade of thesis guidance will be evaluated. Only if the evaluation result paper is submitted to Graduate School office, students can get the grade without any problem.

*The form of evaluation paper about thesis proposal can be downloaded on our webiste(논문 menu -> 양식함 -> 석.박사관련 -> No.4)

3) Thesis Guidance will be evaluated with no numerical credit but only with Pass or Fail.

4) Students should apply for 'Thesis Guidance', and submit '논문제안 심사평가서'(The form of evaluation paper) to graduate school office at the end of semester. If not, then you would receive 'Fail' grade, and should retake the course next semester.

5) Students can apply to submit graduation thesis from the next semester they complete the thesis gudiance.


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