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Accommodation Information During the Fall Semester in 2019,

at Global Hall Dormitory in Seoul Campus


We are now offering student accommodations as below at Global Hall Dormitory of HUFS in Seoul Campus. Please apply for accommodations before the deadline.


1. Qualification: HUFS students in 2019 (including international students and foreign nationals)

- Language training students, undergraduate students, and graduate students included

2. Application Deadline: June 28(Friday), (until 17:00)

3. How to Apply: Online application form

    Refer HUFS website < HUFS Notice < Read “Accommodation Information at Global Hall Dormitory”

4. Selection Criteria

A. You will be selected based on the length of admission (first for Half year applicant), commuting distance and date of application.

B. Foreign nationals and overseas Koreans are selected by adding a commuting distance, and the relevant documents are submitted when preparing an online application (unavailable for additional points if not submitted)

Submission documents: Foreigner One copy of passport and alien registration card, one copy of each / overseas Koreans Parents' overseas residence certificate and one copy of family relation certificate

C. You should not apply Global Hall with Globee Dorm at the same time. (excluding selection when verifying duplicate application)

D. Submission documents: Original submission on the day of entering dormitory only for the final selection

1. The original copy of resident registration (the same address as the one entered when applying for admission) and one copy of passport copy and alien registration card respectively.

- Students of overseas Koreans submit the original certificate of their parents' overseas residence and family relationship when they enter the dormitory.

2. Declaration (Write at time of entry)

3. Confirmation of the tuberculosis test (heart X-ray) shall be submitted during the entry period.

(Confirmation of the tuberculosis test should be conducted after 1 January 2019 or cannot be entered if not submit)

5. The number of Selection : Global hall (two-person room) 388 (man 000, female 000 & include for disabled)

6. Announcement of result: Subsequent to 17:00, July 15 (Monday), Individual notification will be sent by e-mail that you wrote in the application form

7. Rent

1)About rent (Prices are per person based on double occupancy)

Period (approximately)

Graduate Students and Language Training Students

Half year






Maintenance Fee


Cleaning Fee




2) Students have to pay the rent within 3 days after you have received an accommodation offer.

For the pay of foreign student, you must pay the deposit name with the same English name as the name on your passport.

You must deposit the amount of Korean currency(). If the deposit amount based on Korean currency is insufficient, you may not be able to confirm the dormitory.

8. Date of entry: 2019 8. 31(Saturday) to 9. 1(Sunday) 09:30 to 17:00

When entering or leaving the company, the guardian can only be accompanied by the same-sex parents (male-father/male-mother).

9. Leave out schedule.

A. Date of leave out: Half year Applicants: 2020.2.15(Saturday) 09:30-15:00/ semester Applicants: 2019. 12. 21(Saturday) 09:30-15:00

I. You can leave by 15:00 on the day of leave after checking the room.

10. Notification

A. If a person is caught trying to enter dormitory through a dishonest method (written forgery, proxy admission, expedient support, etc.), he or she will be disqualified from entering the dormitory in the 4 years.

B. Please check the details of the student life guide so that he or she will not be penalized for not having mastered the information.

C. The mailing address: (02419) Global Hall of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Imun-ro 114, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul.

D. Contact for ask (02-6235-2862), email (edu@hufs)


HUFS Global Hall Seoul Campus

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