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제목 : Notice of Enrollment(2019 Fall semester) Writer : 대학원
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Notice of Enrollment(2019 fall semester)  


1. Period

  1) Freshmen : Aug 12(Mon) ~ Aug 16(Fri) 17:00

  2) Registered students : Aug 21(Wed) ~ Aug 27(Tue) 17:00


2. How to enroll : Bank account transfer or visiting banks.

  -You can print the bill of tuition fee through the URL below.

  1) Freshmen(available from 8/8) :

  2) Registered students(available from 8/14) :

  -If you want to pay student council membership fee, pay 25,000KRW additionally, and you can find this amount of money in the bill of tuition fee.

  ※ Woori bank virtual account is a one-time account. So please send every payment account(including student council fee) at once. 

  ※ As additional charge will be refunded to students, please send overseas remittance charge sufficiently.

  Available hour : between 9am and 5pm


3. Even though you get the scholarship with 100% of tuition fee, you should visit Woori bank and get the confirmation stamp from the bank to be enrolled. (You don't have to submit the certified bill to Graduate School office.)




Graduate School


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