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제목 : 2019 Fall semester Comprehensive Exam Schedule Writer : 대학원
Attached file Attached file: 2019-2 comprehensive exam schedule(Global campus).xlsx 2019-2 comprehensive exam schedule(Seoul campus).xlsx

Please refer to the attached file for the schedule of comprehensive exam.



1. All the students should arrive 10 minutes before the test starts. There will be designated seats for each student.


  1) Seoul campus

    (1) Ph.D course( 1st class : 10:00-11:40,  2nd class : 13:00-14:40,  3rd class : 15:00-16:40)

    (2) Master's course( 1st class : 10:00-11:00,  2nd class : 13:00-14:00,  3rd class : 15:00-16:00)


  2) Global campus

    (1) Ph.D course( 1st class : 10:30- 12:10)

    (2) Master's course( 1st class : 10:30- 11:30,  2nd class : 14:30-15:30)


2. All the students should bring ID card(either HUFS student card or Alien Registration card)


3. Only black pen is available. (Using pencil is prohibited)


4. If you do not come, your result will be "FAIL".


5. The time and subjects of comprehensive exam cannot be changed.


*Thoes who are in "the Department of Economics, Global Sports, Russian Language and

Literature, Physics, Information and Archival Science, Turkic,Central Asian and


Mongolian studies, Statistics, Chemistry, African Language and Literature, Public

Administration, Middle Eastern Language and Literature and Culture" should contact T/A in each department because they will organize the comprehensive exam by their own schedule.


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