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제목 : Notice of Thesis Submission(2020 Spring semester) Writer : 대학원
Attached file Attached file: (양식)-석사학위청구논문+제출신청서(Master thesis application).hwp (양식)박사학위청구논문+제출신청서(Ph.D. thesis application).hwp 학위논문+연구윤리+준수확인서(Confirmation for following Research Ethics).hwp

Notice of Thesis Submission



1. Submit the 석사 or 박사학위청구논문 제출신청서(Master's or Ph.D. thesis submission application) and 학위논문 연구윤리 준수 확인서(Confirmation for following Research Ethics)

- Period : 3. 16(Mon) ~ 3. 20(Fri)

- You can find 석사학위청구논문 제출신청서 from the GS website(논문양식함석사관련notice NO.5

- You can find 박사학위청구논문 제출신청서 from the GS website(논문양식함박사관련notice NO.3

- 학위논문 연구윤리 준수확인서 from the GS website논문양식함박사관련notice No.8 - After getting signature of your advisor and head professor, please submit those forms to GS office.



2. Qualification

A. Those who have taken all the required credits.

B. Those who have passed 외국어시험 and 종합시험

- You can take 종합시험 on the semester when you want to submit thesis.(외국어시험 must be completed before the semester of thesis submission.)

C. Those who have passed 논문지도 I(same professor for thesis submission)

*Ph.D course and integrated course students should complete 논문지도 I and II.

D Those who have registered 4 semesters or above(6 semesters for Integrated course)

-Master's course: within 5 years from the course completion date

-Ph.D course : within 10 years from the corse completion date

If you want to submit your thesis after the course completion, you must register as “연구등록생” with some amount of registration money.

E. Those who have submitted Language Proficiency Test Score(Graduation Requirement)


3. Detailed Schedule and Documents

1) Submit 논문제출 승인서 and the certificate of E-Learning : After getting signature of advisor and head professor, submit 논문제출 승인서 to GS office.

- Submission period : 4. 13(Mon) ∼ 4. 17(Fri)


2) Documents

- an original copy of 석사 학위청구논문 제출승인서(GS website(논문양식함박사관련notice NO.6)

- Certificate of e-Learning for research ethics(If you have already submitted this certificate, don’t have to hand it in again.)

※ Title of e-Learning course: 대학원생을 위한 연구윤리(인문사회/이공계열)


3) Evaluation period : 4. 23(Mon) ∼ 6. 19(Fri)

4) Due date of result sheet Submission : 6. 19(Fri)

- an original copy of result sheet for thesis evaluation(논문심사 결과보고서)

- an original copy of result paper for plagiarism

- Confirmation paper for plagiarism by advisor(학위논문 표절검사 지도교수 확인서)

Please refer to Notice board for “How to use the program of checking plagiarism”


5) Thesis Evaluation Fee

- Master's coures : 150,000 KRW(waived for 연구등록생)

- Ph.D coures : 680,000 KRW(waived for 연구등록생)

- Payment period : 5. 4(Mon) ~ 5. 8(Fri)

- Payment account : Woori bank, 1005-101-144784(한국외국어대학교)


4. Submission of printed Thesis to Library

1) Period : by 2020. 7. 10(Fri) (submit after getting signature of all the examiners)

Though you pass the evaluation, you cannot graduate if you do not submit the printed thesis during this period.

2) After uploading PDF file to Library web site, submit the printed version to the office of Library.

3) Submit some documents to GS office.

- a copy of Approval for submission of thesis(학위논문제출 확인서) with the confirmation stamp from Library

- a copy of the title paper of thesis

- a copy of ratification paper (with the signatures of all the judge-professors)

- 5,000 KRW (gown-laundry fee, cost for making diploma certification)


Graduate School

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