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제목 : Notice on 2020-1 Foreign Language Exam(외국어시험) Writer : 대학원
Attached file Attached file: (Ph.D.)Application for Graduate school Foreign lan. exam.hwp (Master)Application for Graduate school Foreign lan. exam.hwp Application for Substituting Foreign Language exam.hwp

<How to apply Foreign Language Exam>

1. Application period : 2020. 3. 16(Mon) ~ 3. 20(Fri)

2. How to apply:

    1)Submitting application form(Attached above) by e-mail (

    2)Paying test fee(For students who retake Foreign Language exam) 

      : 2020. 3. 23(Mon) ~ 3. 27(Fri) 

      - Bank account : (WOORI bank)1005-101-144784 한국외국어대학교

      - Please write as "(Student ID number)+외시" on depositor information 

*Student who retake the test must remit test fee to the account above during payment period. If not, your application will be automatically canceled.


3. Exam date : 2020. 4. 11(Sat)

  *Please check exact time and venue on our website during 2nd week of April



<How to submit (FLEX,TOEFL,2019겨울방학특별과정) test results>

1. Submission date : 2020. 4. 13(Mon) ~ 4. 17(Fri)

2. Required documents :

   1) 외국어시험 대체과목신청서(Application for Substituting Foreign Language exam)

       - Attached above

   2) Original copy of Test results (FLEX,TOEFL,2019겨울방학특별과정)

   *Those of you who have completed '대학원생을 위한 외국어시험대체과정' on 2019 fall semester do not need to submit this form.

   *Those of you who apply for submitting graduation thesis this semester can submit available Foreign Language test results by 22th of May.




2020. 3.


Graduate school


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