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제목 : Result of matching with Thesis Advisor Professor-2020 Spring semester Writer : 대학원
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1. How to check the result : You can find the result through HUFS portal -> 학생정보 -> 개인 기본사항 -> 지도교수 확인



2. Notice

1) Those who are matched with thesis advisor professor should take Thesis Guidance and get the score of 71 or above. Master's course students take Thesis Guidance I and Doctoral course students take Thesis Guidance I and II.

2) Thesis advisor professor will help students to get consultation or advice about taking course and career as well as guiding of thesis. If you want to take any guidance or advice from professor, please contact in advance.

3) About Thesis Guidance




How to take



from 3rd semester


Register "Thesis Guidance" subject through online course registration system. (Those who completed all the courses should submit the 'form' to GS office.)

- Submit the form of Proposal to advisor professor within the noticed period. Each department will do any process for students' official proposal.

- At the end of each semester, the evaluation sheet should be submitted to GS office.


from 2nd semester

from 3rd semester



from 4th semester

from 5th semester

4) Students cannot change adviosr professor without any unavoidable reason.



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