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제목 : Instructions for HUFS 2020 1st Round Admission Interview Writer : 대학원
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Instructions for HUFS 2020 1st Round Admission Interview


The safety of the applicants during the Interview Exam is top priority for HUFS Graduate School. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and keep students safe, please follow the instructions below.


1.     Applicants who have symptoms of fever and cough within two weeks from the test are not allowed to take the exam. In that case please contact HUFS Graduate school office.


2.     Applicants must wear a mask from the entrance until the exams are finished. They are not allowed to take off the mask during the exam or even in the break. (If you don’t wear a mask, will not be allowed to take the exam.)


3.     Before the exam, all applicants must have their temperature taken. If it is above 37.5℃, they will not be allowed to take the exam and will have to cancel.


In addition, Graduate school administration office-level actions are also announced as follows:


◎ HUFS Graduate school-level actions

1.     In accordance with social distancing and prevention against infection, there will be sufficient distance between seats.

2.     Hand sanitizer will be placed at the main gate of the building and exam sites. Students are allowed to attend the exam with their hands sterilized before and after the exam.

4.     There will be a sufficient break in order to fully ventilate the venues between exams.

5.     Every used desk will be sterilized with disinfectant after every exam.


These are essential measures to maximize every applicant’s safety. We ask all of you for your active cooperation. Together, Interview exam may be subject to change or cancellation depending on the COVID-19 situation.



2020. 4. 17


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Graduate School

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