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Notice for Holiday during a heatwave



The school implements a holiday week during a heatwave in this summer vacation in order to participate together in social distancing for prevention of spreading COVID-19 and to check and maintain facilities. Due to this there could be inconvenience in use of facilities and handling tasks. We politely ask for your understanding.



    1. General information

        ◾ Date: July 27 (Mon) ~ July 31 (Fri)

Subject: All the departments in HUFS


    2. excluded department

       ◾ Faculty rooms, laboratories, business incubation center, library (borrowing and return is available)

       ◾ Mail room, department related to parking management

       ◾ Post office, bank, Imun 107, and other commercial facilities


    3. Note

       ◾ Air conditioning can be limited during the holiday week

       ◾ Cafeterias in Faculty and Humanities building are not opened

       Entering Graduate Building is not allowed


    4. Emergency contact


phone number


Facility Management Team



General Service Team



Graduate School



Available by cell phone only

Emergency call only

(09:00 ~ 15:00, general tasks are not handled)

IT development Team



Human Resource Development Team



Information in Main Building





2020. 7. 16


The Graduate School

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