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제목 : The 13th Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice Writer : 대학원
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The 13th Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice



Internship Overview

Period : 2014.1.3(Mon.) ~ 2014.2.21(Fri.), 34 Working days

Current Openings : refer to the attached document (application form)


- Foreign student enrolled in a university in Seoul area with completion of at least one semester.

(exchange, visiting, language school students are also eligible to apply)

- Holding Visa valid until February 21st, 2014.

Working hours : Mon. - Fri. from 09:00 to 16:00 (1hr. Lunch break)

Wage : 32,000won per day

Major event : orientation(1.3), voluntary activity(1.24), Seoul field trip(2.7),

                                closing ceremony(2.21) 

The above schedules are subject to change without prior notice


Application and Selection Guide


Document Screening

- Application deadline : 2013. 11. 29(Fri.) by 18:00

- Required Document

Application(compulsory), Certificate of Enrollment(compulsory), Academic Transcript 

from currently enrolled Korean Univ.(compulsory), TOPIK score (optional)

- Submission : email submission in form of electronic file (hwp, doc, jpg, pdf)

- Submission to :

- Screening criteria : GPA, TOPIK score, etc.

- Result announcement : 2013. 12. 2(Mon.) 17:30 by email and mobile message



- Period : 2013. 12. 3(Tue.) ~ 12.6(Fri.)

- Process : selected candidates will visit divisions(depts) individually for the interview

                 on a given day.


Final result announcement : 2013. 12. 10(Tue.) 17:30  (by email and mobile message)


The selected interns will be informed individually by email and mobile message. The selection may not be made when received no qualified applications. For further information, inquire to Seoul Metropolitan Government, Multiculturalism Division at 02-2075-4117.

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