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After students complete to take all the required courses, some requirements for graduation should be satisfied.

First of all, there are some requirements to submit graduation thesis. It means that such requirements should be satisfied one semester before you finally submit the thesis. (For an example, if you want to submit graduation thesis on 4th semester, you should complete these things by 3rd semester.)

1. Foreign Language Exam(외국어시험) - "requirement to submit graduation thesis"

-All the students should pass Foreign Language Exam according the following guide:

 2. Comprehensive Exam(종합시험) - "requirement to submit graduation thesis"

 -All the students should pass Comprehensive Exam. Master's course students should take 3 subjects and Ph.D course students should take 4 subjects. Students can take this test from the 3rd semester. Please refer to

3. E-learning of research ethics(연구윤리교육-이러닝) - "requirement to submit graduation thesis"

-All the students should take and pass the e-learning of research ethics. The submission period of the certificate of completion of e-learning is usually on April(spring semester) and October(fall semester) when students submit the approval paper of thesis submission from the professor. Please refer to


Also, there are other things that students should fulfil to graduate.

 1. Submission of Language Proficiency Test Score - "requirement of graduation"

 -Students who entered in 2012 Fall ~ 2016 Fall : submit Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK or KLPT) Level 4 or above OR English Proficiency Test TOEFL CBT 210, IBT 80, FLEX 550, TEPS 550, IELTS 5.5 or above by the first quarter of your final semester.

 -Students who entered in 2017 Spring or after with TOPIK Level 3 : submit TOPIK or KLPT Level 4 or above by the first quarter of your final semester.

 -Language Proficiency Test Score Submission is independent to the Foreign Language Exam required for Thesis Examination, and you have to fulfill both separately.

 -The score should be submitted by first quarter of final semester. : 3rd week of March(spring semester) or September(fall semester)

 2. Submission of result paper of checking plagiarism - "requirement to finalize the submission of printed thesis"

 -When you submit the final score of thesis evaluation, the certificate of checking plagiarism should be submitted with the confirmation letter from your advisor.

 -Please refer to


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