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2012 Fall Semester Course Drop Notice


Dropping courses for the 2012 Fall semester should be done within the second week of October.

Please refer to the information below;


- When: October 8 to October 12, 2012

- How to drop classes

  a. Visit our university's website:

  b. Click "Hot Link" on the front webpage.

  c. Choose "수강신청 취소 바로가기"

      or Click the direct link:

  d. You are required to enter your student ID & password to proceed.

  e. Access hours: From 10:00 to 22:00

- If you are an International exchange student, please go to our ISO office to get any help.

  If you fail to drop courses in time, you will received a "F" grade on your final records



If you have further questions, please contact the office of International Student Services

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