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제목 : [EC21] Part time job for Germany / Brazil / Thai Language speaker Writer : international
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Good day!

We are from EC21, a B2B as well as Export Consulting & Marketing Company located in Seoul, South Korea.
Actually we are currently looking for Global Marketer who can speak 

1)  Fluent in German & English

2)  Fluent in German & Korean

3) Fluent in português English  

4) Fluent in português & Korean

5) Fluent in Thai & English  

6) Fluent in Thai & Korean

that would love to work with us as part time job.

**URGENTLY LOOKING FOR Germany / Brazil / Thai  Language speaker**

Be it Korean or foreigner as long as you can speak any of the language stated above.
All are welcome to apply 🙂


Job Title : Part Time Marketing Assistant

Job Description : Calling companies from Germany / Brazil / Thai  to promote certain project

Qualification for Application :
– Able to speak any of the languages mentioned above fluently
– Having any of D2, (Preferable) H1, F2, F4, F6

Working Period :
– Able to come to the office at least 2 times a week
– Working time is flexible so you can always discuss with us about your time

Working Payment : 8000 won per hour

Location : Trade Tower near Samsung station, Seoul, South Korea

How to Apply : Send your CV to my contact
E-mail :

If you or anyone that you know are interested in this job offer mentioned above and would like to know more, please feel free to contact us at



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