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제목 : Be a volunteer for 2010 New HUFSans Welcome Festival!! Writer : CIS
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Dear all international exchange students,

I am delighted to announce that the 2010 Grand Festival for New HUFSans(HUFS students) will be held on Feb. 17, 2010 at the Olympic Hall in the Seoul Olympic Park. International exchange students are encouraged to volunteerily join this fun event and work with other domestic student staff as a part of our university.  

If you would like to participate in this event, please drop by our office to sign up. Please remember only 20 international students can be part of this event.

1) What to do during this festival
  - Welcoming/Greeting to new HUFSans
  - Distributing HUFS souvenier to them
  - Guidance on seat location and more
2) Pre-meeting: TBA

3)  Departure

   - When : Wednesday, 17 Feb. 09:30 (tentative)
   - School Bus will be provided for school staff & student volunteers
     Though the main event starts on 14:00, you are asked to arrive there a little bit early for rehearsals.

4)  Benefit for you
   - Lunch will be serviced
   - HUFS Jacket will be provided
   - Great experience to get to know each other and socialize yourself with Korean peers
   - Enjoy great performances by Korean Pop stars; Younha, 2NE1

5)  How to sign up
   - Drop by the CIS for sign up during working hours from Feb. 10 ~ Feb 12.
   - First-come First-serviced basis

6)  Location (Olympic Hall) - see the image below
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