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Dear all International students,

All concerned international Globeedorm residents are asked to participate in the Orientation scheduled as below.

We've been informed from the Globeedorm Office that some of international students have been still violating the dorm regulations & rules and the office asked us to hold the meeting to let international students know more about the Dorm regulation, curfew & stay-out system and so on.

If you receive the notice of expulsion from the Globeedorm Office for your red points, you should leave the Dorm within 7 days and free accommodation will NOT be provided for those who have been kicked out of dorm.

DATE & Time : October 28, 2008 / 6pm (Confirmed)
Location : Globeeteria Seminar room (It's on the 1st floor next to the Familymart)

※ All Exchange, Study Abroad, Korean government scholarship program students who are living in the dorm must attend this meeting!!

If you have more questions about that, please ask the ISO RAs on the 5th & 8th floor.

International Office

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