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제목 : 2009-1 Class Registration for Exchange Students Writer : CIS
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Dear all International Exchange Students

If you want to sign up for undergraduate courses this semester, it must be done within the period as below

Class Registration Period : Feb 9 - Feb 13, 2009
Course Change Period : March 3 - March 6, 2009

Class registration should be done & completed only through our online registration system. However if you fail to enroll in specific classes you are required to take for credit transfer due to inevitable circumstances, you may apply for class regisration by submitting this attached request form to our office.

Please be informed that you need to register classes as many as you can through our online system to avoid any inconvenience or registration failure. Even though our team will try best to honor your choices of classes, it is also possible that some professors might not approve your request depending on the specific conditions of enrollment for class participants or activities.

A. Online Registration

1. Visit HUFS Main webpage (
2. Click the menu "수강신청 바로가기"
3. Access the HUFS system.
4. In order to access the system, you need to log on using your student ID & password.
5. Access Hours : 10:00 - 22:00

B. Offline Registration Request
1. Download the request form
2. Attend the class you want to enroll in and consult with the professor
3. Ask him or her to sign on the form if your request has been approved.
4. Submit the complete form to CIS
   Submission Period : March 16 - March 20
   Please note that late application will NOT be accepted!!!

If you have any questions regarding registration information including your student ID & password, please drop by CIS and inquire with Steve (2173-2065) for any help.

Center for International Students
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