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제목 : 2009-2 KSGP Orientation (Sep. 21) Writer : CIS
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Dear all KGSP Participants:

We are planning to hold 2009 KGSS September orientation as follows.
Your attention on this orientation is manditorily required!!

- Date and Time : September, 21 2009 (Monday) / 17:30 - 19:00
- Location : HUFS Main Bldg. Seminar Room #107 
- Topics discussed
   a. KGSS Consultation
   b. Meeting with new KGSP students (3 graduate students)
   c. Monthly gathering for refreshments & informal discussion for KGSS
   c. After-Class Korean Tutoring Program by our Korean Education Dept. for OKFP students
   e. Questionnaire
   f. Q & A session

Looking forward to seeing you soon

If you can not make it due to unaviodable circumstances, please download the questionnaire form and submit it to CIS by this Friday.

Mr. Kwon
Center for International Students
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