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Dear all international students,

National health Insurance program is open to all international students who get the Status of stay at a brance of Immigration Bureau near their residential areas.
If you are interested in NHI program, please refer to the program detail below.


International students who have their alien registration card
The enrollment is effective on the very day when you receive the status of stay. 
however, if you have not been covered by NHI program for one year since your registration and want to be insured now, the total amount of monthly contributions for 9 month (from the second month of your registration) will be imposed and required to be paid in full.
* It is not compulsory for international students to be enrolled in the NHI program.

Monthly contributions

The amount of the monthly contribution of foreigners is normally calculated as follows
Monthly wage X Contribution rate

However, the amount of the contribution for the foreigners whose income is uncertain or do not have any income will be imposed based on the average of contribution of self-employed for the previos year. State of Sojourn : D-1, D-2, D-4, F-3

The average contribution 2008 : KRW 62,220
But for D-2, 50% of the contribution will be reduced : contribution for D-2 2008 : KRW 31,110

Insurance Benefits

Medical treatments, Drug, Health screening service, Refunding allowance for Health Care and so on.
Patients who receive health care treatments pay certain portion of the health care costs
When you are admitted to a clinic, hospital or a general hospital, you are required to pay 20% of the total medical charge for the care.

If you have any further questions, please call NHI call center (1577-1000) or visit the website (

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