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제목 : Becoming a Dorco Razor Tester Writer : international
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Become a Dorco Razor Tester as a foreigner in Korea


Apply to join the Dorco Panel and become a razor tester for the global razor brand in the world.

If you are selected as a member of Dorco Panels, you will be asked to share your valued opinion with us, enabling Dorco to develop products.

To join the razor testing panel, check the followings and just send an e-mail with your name and details. Also please share this information with your friends.  

Your feedback will be recorded and analyzed by a team of Dorco researchers and will not be passed on to any third parties; your details are kept strictly confidential. For more details, please email us at


Panel Test  

1) Shave Test (In Home Use Test or Visit our site)

- Our tests and surveys takes about 10~20 minutes in your home or our site as our test guide

- Answering a questionnaire by online 

- You can participate in the most of our tests in your home.

2) Online Survey related shaving behavior and preference


Test Reward

The fee will be paid according to the test conditions. 

(around 50,000 won to 100,000 won)


Panel Qualification

1) North American or European, Middle Estern

(Sorry for not including African and Asian due to the different hair types and shaving habits)

2) Now stay in Korea and at least for the next 1 years

3) Men +23~49 years, wet shaving more than 2 times per week

  (Shave more than 50% of you facial hair)

4) Communicate and respond to surveys in English or Korean

5) Have fixed address to take mails for test


How to apply

Please send an e-mail us at with your details as follows.

- Name, Age, Country, Address, E-mail, Mobile phone numbers, Razor product name using,

A number of shave per week 

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