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제목 : HUFS Argus New Int'l Reporter Recruitment Writer : CIS
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Become an active member of the HUFS community!
Become an official Argus reporter!
Publish your article in <The Argus>, and make millions of people in the world read it!
Send an application to Prof. Jun by e-mail ( ) by Feb. 17th.

Dear international students:
Hi! I'm Prof. Jong Sup Jun in the department of linguistics and cognitive science at HUFS. Currently, I serve as the Chief Executive Editor of <The Argus>, the HUFS monthly journal published in English.
Today, I'm writing you this e-mail to invite you to be a REAL and OFFICIAL reporter of <The Argus>.
Surprisingly, no international student has ever served as a reporter in the 56-year-long history of <The Argus>. We did not prevent international students from applying to be a reporter of <The Argus>. But we all know that international students did not feel comfortable to apply for <The Argus>, simply because they are foreigners, and simply because we were not considerate enough to make international students feel comfortable. Therefore, I confess that it is we that are to blame for this situation.
Things have changed. We have as many as 585 international students in our university. International students are not a minority group any longer. You have your own voices! You want to speak out your opinion! And you have the RIGHT to become an Argus reporter, and to publish your article in <The Argus>. You should be thrilled because <The Argus> is sent out to hundreds of universities, private companies, and government organizations in the world. You should be thrilled because when you write an article and publish it in <The Argus>, millions of people throughtout the world will read it.
What is better is that you will get a moderate amount of manuscprit fee plus a nice scholarship opportunity.
There have been not many chances for international students to join a HUFS Korean students' community. But, today, you have this incredible opportunity to work for our school with HUFS Korean students in the most honorable community to spread your opinion to the global village.
Why do you hesitate  Just send an application to Prof. Jun by e-mail ( with an English essay that shows who you are, and what you want to do (or write) as an Argus reporter. We are planning to hire only 4 or 5 reporters among international students this time, so the competition is going to be very severe. For this reason, I suggest that you should show us your strong motivation and enthusiasm to work for <The Argus> in clear English. We do not provide an official application form, and there is no page limit for your essay. Final candidates will be interviewed; and once you become an Argus reporter, you will begin to write an Argus article immediately. That is, your article will appear in the March issue of <The Argus>.
We welcome applications from both undergraduate and graduate students, but we prefer students who can work for <The Argus> at least for three semesters.
Your application should reach us by Feb. 17th (5:00 O'clock pm). Whether you are selected or not, you will get our notification of the result before March 1st.

Sincerely yours

- Chief Executive Editor, Prof. Jong Sup Jun (Dept. of Linguistics and Cognitive Science)
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