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제목 : KGSS Application forms posted!! Writer : international
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Dear all Korean Government Scholarship students,

Useful KGSP forms(application/notification) have been newly added to the webboard for your convenience.

You may be asked to submit an application or notification in the following cases:

 - When you have changed your address or telephone number
 - When you need to receive research allowance and submit your research plan
 - When you want to leave Korea temporarily
 - When you apply for the extension of the scholarship grant period
 - When you need recommendation of your academic advisor
 - When you are asked to report your academic achievement upon completion of each semester course.

If you have any questions about documents you need to complete and submit, please contact our coordinator for KGSP (  2173-2063) or drop by our International Affairs Team during office hours (9am -5pm, Mon - Fri)

International Affairs
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