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제목 : [문화체험] Spring Festival Trip to South Jeolla Province Writer : international
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[South Jeolla Province Tour] Wangin Spring Festival Trip

- April 6th ~ 7th (1 night 2 days) -





* Tour Gongbang (Tour 08) Co., Ltd. ((주)여행공방 together with Jeolla province are responsible for the management of this trip.
**There are no shopping offers/scams etc. This trip is primarily for the purpose of giving you a full cultural experience in Korea : )

Yongsan station (Seoul)
HUFS uni front gate (Seoul)
Jukjeon Bus Stop (Suwon)
World Cup Stadium (Daejeon)
Asia Culture Center (Gwangju)

Please fill out the sign up form in the following link (

NOTE: Final notices about exact departure points/meeting times and all other final notices will be send out a few days before the trip. You will receive this by email. So please ensure to register correct email address below.

You should get a final automated email once signed up but sometimes it is blocked to certain email addresses.
Regardless, please take note of the payment information at the bottom of this sign up form. And PLEASE notify us once you make payment and we will confirm your place on the trip!

For any direct inqueries please contact:
Tour 08 Foreigner Tour Manager, Natalie
Work: 02-792-7728 Mob: 010-8857-7863


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