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[Korea Tourism Ambassador

 ‘WOWKOREA Supporters’ Recruitment]




WOWKOREA Supporters?


WOWKOREA Supporters, operated by Korea Tourism Organization, are a group composed of international students from more than 10 countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle-East who enjoy traveling together in Korea, and who will promote Korean tourism and culture to their native people by using social media.




Apply for Supporters : 






1. Participating in field trip provided by Korea Tourism Organization (4 times)


2. Creating and promoting social media contents about Korea tourism and culture 


3. Networking with supporters from Southeast Asia and Middle-East countries




Activities Period


- 8 months (April - December, 2019)


 * 27 29 April : Pre-Orientation/Opening Ceremony/1st Field Trip






1. Opportunities to participate in official field trips and group mission tours


2. Providing marketing seminar of Korea tourism


3. Opportunities to participate in festivals and events in Korea


4. Rewarding for mid-term and final excellent performance


5. Providing supporters' uniform and souvenir


6. Certificate of participation of WOWKOREA Supporters




Eligibility : International students residing in Korea, from *Southeast Asia & Middle East countries with interests in tourism
*Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia,Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, etc.


- Number of members : 40 people [Group : 30 (15 teams) / Individual(creator) : 10]


1. Group applicants : A team of 2 members from Southeast Asia & Middle East countries


2. Individual applicants(Creator) : Students from Southeast Asia & Middle East with expert skills in creating social media contents


(photography / blogging / filming /  influence, etc.)




How to apply


[Group applicants]


1.Click APPLY link and select your applying field (Group / Individual) and fill out personal information 


*Advantage to group applicants


2. Create team introduction video of less than 1 min


3. Submit team video and your social media content URL related to travel in Korea




[Individual applicants(Creator)]


1. Click APPLY link and select your applying field (Group / Individual) and fill out personal information 


2. Select your field of strength (photographer, blogger, youtuber, influencer)


3. Submit the URL of the self-created content related to Korean tourism or culture



Recruitment Schedule




[Application period] 5 April (Fri) 14:00 - 14 April (Sun) 24:00


[1st announcement for interview] 16 April (Tue) *Personal contact


[Date of interview] 19 April (Fri) / Seoul


[Final announcement] 22 April (Fri) *Personal contact







WowKorea Supporters Manager : Se Hwan Cheon




Apply for Supporters : 







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