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제목 : [헤럴드 미래사업본부] Invitation to Familarilzation Tour to Sokcho / 강원도 속초 외국인 유학생 팸투어 Writer : international
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Invitation to Familarilzation Tour to Sokcho_강원도 속초 외국인 유학생 팸투어


We are inviting you to join the fam tour to Sokcho, a beautiful coastal city of Gangwondo Province, with us!


Please pay attention, anyone who would like to travel some other hot places other than Seoul, and take pictures and share them on social network pages!!


If you are lucky to be selected as one of our travel mates, we will make a trip together to the following hot places in Sokcho


1. The site of the K-drame <Encounter> starring Song Hye-Kyo and Park Bo-Gum

2. Cafe "Chilsung Boatyard Salon"

3. Top-rated crunch Korean fried chicken restaurant in Sokcho Jungang Market

4. Seorak Cultural Center, where you can have a cup of tea enjoying a beautiful view of Seoraksan mountain


-Eligibility: Only international students who attend universities in Korea or foreign exchange stduents are qualified to apply for the fam tour.

-The fam tour will be made on June 21, 2019

-Transportation and meals will be provided


To apply for the tour program, please click the link below and fill out the application form:

*Application deadline: June 13, 2019


*To get more possibility to be selected, please like our facebook page “The province of Gangwon,” and share this post!

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