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A walk into the scene of history

(walk through the patriotic life with the stars of independence)


Do you know what happened in Korea 100 years ago?

When Korea and the rest of the worlds were in turmoil, thousands of people in Korea rushed out into the streets for Korean independence and cheered to become independent.

We now invite you into the scene of history,

You can enjoy the traditional market with Korean foods along the way, follow the patriot's path toward the Seodaemun Prison where you can see the pictures of the independent fighters through a re-play performance.

Join this memorial history program with Funday Korea Networks!


DATE : 5:00PM 9:30PM / (Fri.) June 28, 2019

VENU : Yeongcheon Traditional Market Seodaemun Prison


PARTICIPANTS : 40 foreign nationals


  1. Yeongcheon Traditional Market Tour

   - Making Kimbap and Tteokbokki

  2. Travel back in time to Seodaemun Prison 100 years ago

   - Mini-concert (Indie acoustic band: MANJUPOCKET) : Songs in Memory

   - Meet ndependence fighters through a re-enactment performance


INQUIRY : or funday1 (kakaotalk)



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