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제목 : [NAVER WEBTOON] Summer Internship – LINE WEBTOON Thailand Team Writer : international
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네이버웹툰 주식회사는 2017년 5월 독립법인으로 분사한 이후, 웹툰을 정말 사랑하는 젊은 직원들이 함께 모여 열정적이고 도전적으로 재미있게 일하는 조직문화를 자랑합니다국내는 물론 글로벌로 무섭게 뻗어가며글로벌 콘텐츠 비즈니스로 날로 성장해가고 있는 네이버웹툰에서 새로운 도전과 성장을 함께할 여러분을 모집합니다!


Line Webtoon is looking for the future WEBTOON editors who can join us for summer internship program. 

As a future Webtoon editor in LINE WEBTOON, you will get a chance to work with TH Webtoon Contents Team, and experience various types of work by collaborating with the most valuable and enthusiastic people in the digital creative industry.


▶ Please check job description in detail and apply at NAVER WEBTOON Careers Apply Now!(Click)

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