Department of Spanish
Course Descriptions
Readings in Elementary Spanish (1), (2)
Consists of learning grammar through sentences. Learns about various basic customs of Spain and Latin American countries.

Elementary Spanish Grammar (1), (2)
The most basic course required for learning Spanish. Teaches elementary-level grammar.

Elementary Spanish Composition (1), (2)

Focuses on application of grammar through writing exercises.

Elementary Spanish (A/V) (1), (2)
Focuses on learning the way of life of the Spanish- speaking peoples and their language through the use of AV material.

History of Spanish Culture (1), (2)
Closely examines the Spanish culture based on the knowledge of Spanish history to promote understanding of Spanish peoples and language.

Readings in Intermediate Spanish (1), (2)
Provides exposure to a variety of writings, selected by genre, of prominent writers from Spain and Latin America.

Intermediate Spanish Grammar (1), (2)
Examines the application of grammar as reflected in the works of literature and how some writers artistically deviate from the rules. Also studies the history of grammar.

Intermediate Spanish Composition (1), (2)
Focuses on mastering grammar through application in writing practices.

Intermediate Spanish Conversation (1), (2)
Goes beyond everyday conversation practice to achieve a level of proficiency to speak comfortably at will about customs and practices.

Advanced Spanish Composition (1), (2)
Focuses on mastering grammar, analyzing the various nuances of Spanish, and finding the most suitable corresponding expressions in Korean.

Advanced Spanish Conversation (1), (2)
Develops a level of proficiency that enables communication not only at the daily conversational level but also at a subject-specific level, through the use of various materials.

Catalan (1), (2)

Teaches both the Catalan language and Spanish or Castilian to enhance understanding of Spanish as a whole and to enable communication with the Catalan people.

History of Spanish Literature (1), (2)
Studies the literary expressions as well as the analysis, exposition, rhetoric, translation, and problems of Spanish literary works.

Spanish Thoughts
The focus of this course will be the philosophical ideologies of Unamuno and Ortega y Gasset.

Spanish Phonology

Focuses on learning the unique phonology of Spanish based on universal principles of grammar.

Training of Spanish Interpretation
Students will learn fundamental skills required for interpretation.

Spanish Play
Studies Spanish plays and seeks to identify their artistic value and tradition.

Current Spanish (1), (2)
Consists of reading various types of materials to learn the style of Spanish used in the real world at the economic, political, and cultural level.

Major FLEX Spanish (1), (2)
This practical linguistics course has been installed to improve students' FLEX scores.

History of Latin American Literature (1), (2)

Introduces the general literature of the 20 Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

Latin American Politics (1), (2)
Analyzes the complex Latin American situation from a political perspective and identifies the core issues.

Spanish Novels
Focuses on studying specific Spanish novels for better understanding of this shining genre of Spanish cultural heritage as well as to understand it within the larger context of its cultural history.

Spanish Syntax
Focuses on a systematic and scientific understanding of the rich diversity of Spanish expressions through an analysis of Spanish syntax.

Training of Spanish Translation
In order to increase students’ skills in Spanish translation, several sophisticated texts will be selected for in-depth reading.

Latin American Thoughts
This course will examine the spiritual characteristics of the Indio and trace the ideologies of Latin Americans in modern times.

History of Spanish Language (1), (2)
Focuses on a systematic study of the origin of the Spanish language and its historical development for a more in-depth understanding of modern day Spanish.

Area Studies of Spain
This course will look at Spain’s political and economic systems, and international relations, as well as the general status of the area.

Golden Age of the Spanish Literature

The intent of this course is to analyze the Golden Age literature of Spain, and encourage students to learn the true value of the literature. By researching literary works of the period when Spanish culture reached the height of its glory, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of Spanish literature.

Latin American Economics
Reviews the economic development process of Spanish and Latin American empires as well as the unique economic reality and truth of today’s western Latin America.

History of Latin American Culture (1), (2)

Studies ancient Latin American civilization before the Spanish rule, life during colonial rule, and present day Latin America.

Latin American Novel
Students will research important novels of countries of Latin America.

Trade Spanish
Prepares for the real world of business primarily through the study of Spanish business correspondence and conversation needed in trade and general commerce.

Spanish Contemporary Literature
Seeks to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Spanish literature as a whole through the study of contemporary works by era.

Latin American Poetry
Students will research important poetry from the colonial age to modern times.

Area Studies of Latin America
The aim of this course is to help students understand the political and economic structure of Latin America. They will also review the process of change and the nature of international relations.