Department of Thai
Course Descriptions

Elementary Multimedia Thai (A/V) (1), (2)
Focuses on learning Thai intonation, pronunciation, and expressions and on developing listening and speaking proficiency in Thai through the use of audio-visual materials.

Elementary Thai Grammar & Readings (1), (2)
Designed to help students learn the basic grammar rules of Thai language and understand issues in pronunciation through accurate intonation and pronunciation practice. Develops proficiency in elementary reading comprehension.

Elementary Thai Conversation (1), (2)
Develops basic Thai intonation, pronunciation, and listening skills.

Thai Social and Cultural Contents (1), (2)
Students learn the background and development of Thai society and culture.

Intermediate Multimedia Thai (1), (2)
Throughout the course, students will use audiovisual materials to practice their listening skills in order to develop accurate pronunciation and intonation. This course will also encourage students to use more accurate and sophisticated Thai expressions.

Readings in Intermediate Thai (1), (2)
Enhances reading comprehension skills and accurate pronunciation through sentence analysis and interpretation. Broadens general knowledge of Thailand.

Intermediate Thai Grammar (1), (2)
Analyzes Thai syntax based on basic grammar knowledge to develop the ability to understand and speak Thai.

Intermediate Thai Composition (1), (2)
Studies basic Thai sentence patterns and their application in basic composition.

Intermediate Thai Conversation (1), (2)
Studies basic Thai vocabulary and expressions commonly used in daily life situations.

Advanced Thai Composition (1), (2)
Develops writing proficiency through summaries and expressions of content that uses a variety of basic sentence patterns.

Advanced Thai Conversation (1), (2)
Practices using refined and advanced Thai expressions to enable students to converse on specialized topics.

Reading and Hearing of Laos Language
Students learn basic Laos grammar and build listening comprehension skills.

Thai Economics in Thai
Studies the current state of economic structure and development in Thailand, the most recent newly industrialized country. Examines the factors that have enabled Thailand to become a member of the NICS (newly industrializing countries). Considers the growing economic connection between Thailand and Korea with an emphasis on the trade structures and the socioeconomic development plans of both countries.

Understanding of Thai;Society & Culture(1),(2)
This course surveys the background and development of Thai society and culture through the Thai language.

Thai History and Literature
Thai periodic characteristics reflected in literature are studied.

Thai Politics & Diplomacy in Thai
Studies the Thai political process and its unique international diplomacy since the time of the Chakri Dynasty. Lectures are given in Thai.

FLEX Thai (1), (2)
Students use Thai in various areas such as politics, economy, culture and society.

Writing and Speaking of Laos Language
Students learn basic sentences and uses of the Laos language and expressions that can be used in daily life.

Business Thai
Reviews the basic techniques of commercial correspondence writing. The course goes on to study business operations and business letters, and engages the students in actual correspondence writing to prepare them for the real business world.

Current Thai Information
Consists of lectures given in Thai on the various aspects of Thailand, including politics, economics, society, culture, and information technology to increase comprehension of Thai. Studies current trends in Thailand.

Thai Epic Literature
Students study the characteristics of Thai epic literature to understand the world of Thai writers.

Practical Thai
This course will focus on vocabulary and expressions that are frequently used in daily life, particularly in commercial and trade activities. Students will also learn how to write business letters and various official documents.

Thai Literature and Art
The periodic trends of Thai literature and arts are studied to gain an overall understanding of Thai literature.

Practice in Thai Conversation & Composition
Guides students to use advanced-level sentences and specialized expressions in a variety of contexts. Encourages frequent contact with native speakers to achieve refinement of expression.

Seminar on Thai Studies
Examines the past and present of the Thai region based on a study of the various current situations at issue today. Considers the future outlook of Thailand and ASEAN.

Internet Information in Thai
The Internet is an important means of communication in today’s society. This course is aimed at developing students' ability to do Internet search and analyze the on-line information written in Thai. Students also learn the characteristics of Thai language used on the Internet and how to use the Internet applications such as e-mail in Thai.

Special Lecture on Thai Studies
Students will learn the current political, economic, and social status of Thailand

Thai Modern Literature
Thai modern literature is studied to learn its intrinsic characteristics and identify and compare things that are similar and different.

Understanding Current Thai Politics
This course will trace Thailand’s political process and its leaders following the constitutional revolution in 1932. Through this course, students will gain an understanding of current Thai politics.