Department of Chinese Interpretation and Translation
Course Descriptions

Understanding of Chinese Culture 1, 2
Introduces the Chinese culture and enhances understanding of the Chinese language and social customs.

Chinese Old Writing 1, 2
Enhances basic comprehension skills in reading early Chinese writing.

Readings in Elementary Chinese 1, 2
Studies basic sentence patterns and strengthens reading comprehension skills.

Elementary Chinese Language Lab 1, 2
Studies the accurate pronunciation to enhances oral skills.

Introduction to Current Chinese 1, 2
Studies grammatical structures that appear in articles and editorials of Chinese newspapers.

Chinese Grammar
The study of Chinese grammar will enable students to use proper sentence structures and express themselves correctly and accurately.

Readings in Intermediate Chinese 1, 2
Strengthens reading comprehension skills by reading intermediate Baihuawen texts.

Intermediate Chinese Conversation 1, 2
Studies basic conversation skills necessary in daily social life.

Chinese Composition
Students will develop Chinese composition skills on specific themes, and enhance skills required to create documents used in authentic situations.

Readings in Advanced Current Chinese 1, 2
Enhances understanding of current Chinese affairs by reading articles on politics, economy, society, sports and entertainment. Linguistics and literature are not dealt with in this course.

Advanced Chinese Conversation 1, 2
Enhances conversation skills in discussions related to daily life and social issues.

Studies of Chinese Economics
Studies the developments in Chinese economic progress and policies. The course also examines the current status of the economy.

China Affairs
Aims to study contemporary China from an areas studies perspective. Based on an understanding of China, including research methods in studying contemporary China, basic administration mechanism, ideology, society and culture, this course aims to enhance understanding of today's China.

History of Chinese Literature 1, 2
Focuses on building knowledge as regards the life and work of major authors from the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. This course studies the birth and development of different types of literature in relations to schools of literary movement so that students can survey the entire spectrum of Chinese literature.

Chinese Poetry
Reads selected Chinese poetry to study their characteristics and to enhance the ability to appreciate poetry.

Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
Aimed at understanding traditional Chinese linguistics, this course will introduce the study of Chinese characters, phonology, and commentaries. Through the course, students will gain a better sense of the essence and characteristics of the Chinese language.

Chinese Contemporary Prose
Studies various genres of contemporary literature and their characteristics through selective readings of contemporary prose of China and Taiwan.

Readings in Chinese Classics and Sages
Enhances reading comprehension skills and understanding of the Chinese ideology by studying important texts from Sishuwujing, the source of Chinese ideology.

Studies of ShiJing & ChuCi
Studies Shi Jing and Chu Ci from the Xian Qin period and cultivates appreciation of the Chinese classics and the history of Chinese literature.

Seminar on Chinese Economics
Studies the developments in Chinese economic progress and policy and examines the current status of the economy.

Seminar on China Affairs
Analyzes current affairs related to the politics, diplomacy, society and culture and assesses the issues facing today's China.

Special Lecture on Chinese Linguistics
Studies the formation and development process of the Chinese language and characters with the aim of enhancing understanding of the historical background and theoretical framework. This course focuses on analyzing the language itself rather than strengthening the command of Chinese. To graduate school candidates, this course will provide the introduction to linguistics research and to jobseekers, it will help them better understand the mindset of the Chinese people in the workplace.

Chinese Ancient Novels
Reads selected short novels to enhance reading comprehension skills and cultivate skills related to translation of ancient Chinese novels.

Special Lecture on Chinese Law
Reviews theories and institutions of Chinese law, with a focus on public law including the constitution, administrative law and criminal law and also introduces and studies legal documents.

Chinese Phonology
Analyzes the structure of phonemes and examines the body of research on their development process.

Chinese Internet Processing
Studies how to process and treat information through major Korean and Chinese websites related to China.

Practice in Chinese Interpretation & Translation
The course is suitable for job seekers and candidates for the Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation or other graduate programs. Speaking and writing of the Chinese language and practicing interpretation and translation are different. Technically, the former requires conscious efforts to express ideas in one language whereas the latter entails replacing an idea in one language with words in another language. The course directly deals with the practice of interpretation and translation and will be helpful directly and indirectly both for work and research in graduate schools.

History of Chinese Politics in Chinese 1, 2
Conducts in-depth studies on political conflicts and social dynamics in the course of modernization in modern times through primary and secondary data. The course also aims to enhance the comprehension skills of sophisticated Chinese texts.

Chinese Drama
Studies the developmental progress of Chinese drama as well as structure, substance and issues regarding drama pieces.

Business Chinese
Studies terminology and expressions related to business and international trade as well as how to write business letters in Chinese.

Understanding of Chinese Characters
Enhances the understanding of the transformation and structure of Chinese characters by systematically conducting research on their origins.

Seminar on Chinese Law
Reviews theories, functions and procedures of Chinese law with a focus on private law including civil law, commercial law and economic law and other practical types of law. The course also conducts research on selected legal documents and students make presentations.

Chinese Prose
Reads selected texts from literature, history and philosophy with the aim of strengthening the comprehension skills of Chinese prose.

Chinese Language & Culture
Examines the development of the Chinese language as well as its academic and cultural backgrounds.

Chinese Contemporary Novels
Reads selected novels after the Baihuawe-nxueyundong to enhance understanding of the views of contemporary Chinese writers and contemporary Chinese literature.