Department of Thai Interpretation and Translation
Course Descriptions

Elementary Thai Writing (1), (2)
Students learn the vowels and consonants of Thai and also how to write and speak basic sentences used in daily life.

Elementary Thai Grammar (1), (2)
Students learn the vowels, consonants, and tonality and acquire basic grammar so that they can create accurate sentences.

Understanding of Thai (1), (2)
This course is designed to enable students to gain overall knowledge on Thailand's history, geography, politics, economy, society, and culture.

Elementary Multimedia Thai (1), (2)
Students familiarize themselves with Thai's tonality, pronunciation, and usage through the use of audio-visual materials and develop the ability to fully use the language as well as listening comprehension skills.

Elementary Thai Conversation (1), (2)
Students will develop basic Thai tonality, pronunciation, and listening comprehension skills.

Intermediate Thai of the Middle Class (1), (2)
Students familiarize themselves with the basic sentence patterns and usage of Thai, based on which they will apply what they have learned to create written works.

Intermediate Thai Grammar (1), (2)
Based on knowledge of basic grammar, students analyze Thai sentence structures so as to more systematically develop scientific Thai expression skills.

Intermediate Thai Conversation (1), (2)
Students improve basic Thai vocabulary skills and acquire the skills necessary to express their opinions in daily life.

Multimedia Thai (1), (2)
Through the use of audio-visual materials on the Thai language, students are trained on their listening comprehension skills and familiarize themselves with accurate pronunciation and intonation. Through this process, students are able to use more accurate and sophisticated Thai expressions.

Translation Thai of the Middle Class (1), (2)
This course enables students to enhance their reading comprehension skills by analyzing and interpreting sentences. Students also familiarize themselves with accurate pronunciation and expand their knowledge on Thailand in general in relation to educated contents.

Communication Thai
Students learn how to use Thai correctly and accurately when communicating with Thai people in daily life.

Advanced Thai Composition (1), (2)
Students learn composition through expressions and summaries of content using various basic sentence patterns. Students thus develop competent composition skills.

Advanced Thai Conversation (1), (2)
This course will enable students to familiarize themselves with sophisticated and advanced expressions, allowing them to engage in conversations in professional fields.

The Economics in Thai
Students examine the status of economic development and the economic structure of Thailand, which has recently emerged as a newly industrializing country. Students will analyze factors that enable Thailand to become a NICS (Newly Industrializing Countries), and research economic relations between Korea and Thailand which is expanding, mainly in terms of the trade structure and economic and social development plans.

History of Thai Literature
Students examine the general flow as well as the characteristics, by era, of Thai literature, and research the world of literary works and the social aspects of Thailand that are reflected in literature.

Understanding of Thai Society & Culture(1),(2)
Students study the social and cultural background and development of Thailand in the native language.

Thai Politics & Diplomacy in Thai
This course researches the political process of Thailand since the Chakri Dynasty and the unique diplomatic policies of Thai in terms of international relations.

FLEX Thai (1), (2)
The course aims to improve students’ listening and reading skills, thereby enabling more accurate communication.

Current Thai Information
Through lectures on Thai politics, economy, society, culture, and information and telecommunications delivered in Thai, this course allows students to understand the current flow.

Thai Poetic Literary Works
Students study the characteristics of Thai poetic literature and understand the world of relevant writers.

Business Thai
This course is designed to familiarize students with Thai used for general business transactions and trade.

Practical Thai
The objective is to improve students' conversational skills that are essential for basic communication with the Thai people. By offering lectures on common sentences that are needed for business and general commercial transactions, this course enables students to learn how the sentences are actually used.

Practice in Thai Conversation & Composition
Students are encouraged to use advanced sentences of various content and professional expressions. This course also encourages students to use more sophisticated expressions through frequent contact with a foreigner, for the purpose of having students become skilled in conversation.

Seminar on Thai Studies
Students study Thailand of yesterday and today, based on important current affairs of Thailand. Through this process, students are encouraged to make forecasts on Thailand and ASEAN.

Contemporary Thai Novels
This course looks at the general images of Thai society in modern Thai novels and the world of writers.

Internet Information of Thai
The Internet is an important means of delivering and receiving information in modern society. The purpose of this course is to develop students' ability to search and analyze Internet materials in the Thai language. Students will identify characteristics of Thai used on the Internet, and learn how to use the Internet, such as email, through Thai.

Modern Thai Literature
Students will gain an understanding of Thai society in general through modern Thai literature.

Special Lecture on Thai Studies
Lectures are given in Thai so that students can gain an understanding and knowledge of general conditions in the Thai region, such as Thailand’s politics, economy, society, culture, and history.

Understanding of Current Thai Politics
Students carry out research on the political process of Thailand after the constitutional revolution in 1932 as well as political leaders so that they can understand recent Thai politics.