Department of Romanian
Course Descriptions

Romanian Society
A general introduction to Romanian geography, society, education system, and other topics.

Elementary Romanian Grammar & Composition (1), (2)
An introduction to learning Romanian as a foreign language. Studies basic grammar and practices simple composition to develop Romanian proficiency.

Practice in Elementary Romanian Translation(1),(2)
Practices beginning-level translation using basic vocabulary to acquire fundamental skills in Romanian-Korean translation.

Elementary Romanian Conversation (1), (2)
Develops the ability of self-expression through basic Romanian conversation.

Elementary Romanian (A/V) (1), (2)
Through the use of various audio-visual materials, students acquire accurate pronunciation and develop basic oral skills by listening to and repeating simple sentences.

Romanian Culture
Introduces Romanian customs, traditions, and other cultural aspects.

Introduction to Romanian Studies (1), (2)
A required, foundational course for Romanian studies, introducing Romanian culture, linguistics, and history.

Intermediate Romanian Grammar & Composition (1), (2)
Focuses on mastering Romanian grammar building on the elementary level grammar and composition courses.

Practice in Intermediate Romanian Translation(1),(2)
Offered for students who have completed the elementary level translation course. Develops the ability to analyze, translate, and summarize various Romanian texts.

Intermediate Romanian Conversation (1), (2)
Practices Romanian conversation at an intermediate level.

Advanced Romanian Conversation & Composition (1), (2)
An advanced conversation and composition course offered for students who have completed both the elementary and the intermediate level Romanian conversation.

Contemporary History of Eastern Europe
Examines the contemporary history of eastern European countries, with a special overview of their development and characteristics, from the formation of the socialist governments to the present.

Romanian Fables
Approaches the world of Romanian folk culture through the study of leading Romanian fables.

History of Romanian Literature
Provides an overview of the general trend in Romanian literature through a comparative study of the different thoughts by period and of the characteristics of different genres.

Romanian Novels
Leading Romanian novels are introduced.

Romanian Semantics
A study of Romanian language structure from a semantic perspective.

Introduction to Romanian Linguistics
A synchronic study of Romanian language, aimed at helping students learn basic theories of Romanian phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax.

Romanian Morphology & Syntax
A course aimed at helping students analyze and comprehend various rules in Romanian vocabulary and grammar.

Romanian History in Romanian
Examines the history of Romania through readings in Romanian.

FLEX Romanian Language (1)
This course prepares students for the Romanian FLEX exam. Students learn about Romanian history through books in the Romanian language.

Politics & Economics of Eastern Europe
A comparative analysis of political and economic structures and systemic characteristics of the eastern European countries and those of the western European nations.

Introduction to Romanian Literature
Examines and analyzes the literary trends of thought and the artistic tendencies of writers from different periods based on general literary theories.

Seminar on Romanian Sociolinguistics
Examines and analyzes the dynamics between Romania’s social and cultural traditions and Romanian language from the perspectives of sociolinguistic theories and methodologies.

Romanian Poetry
Consists of reading and analysis of the works of Romania’s leading poets.

History of Romanian Language
Studies the formation and development process of the Romanian language.

Romanian Phonetics & Phonology
A course aimed at comparing the phonetic properties and phonological structures of the Romanian language to those of Latin and other Romance languages.

Romanian Contemporary Literature
Studies Romanian literature from the time of the two world wars to the present.

Current Romanian
Students learn terminology used in various specialized fields by reading articles from newspapers and magazines.

Studies of Puscariu
Consists of an intensive study of Limbe Romena, a masterpiece by Puscariu, a pioneer and a master of Romanian ethnolinguistics.

19th Century Romanian Literature
Studies the works of writers associated with the 19th century literary group, Junineea, which was the golden era in Romanian literature.

History of Romanian Culture
An overview of Romanian culture designed to help students understand its various cultural aspects including its customs, religion, and the arts.

Romanian Prose
Consists of readings on Romanian law, philosophy, and others.

Practice in Romanian Interpretation & Translation (1), (2)
Designed for students who plan to apply for Romania-related jobs, enroll in a graduate program, or study abroad. Goes beyond simple sentence composition or translation to full text translation with freestyle discussions on translation-related issues to lay the groundwork for Romanian-Korean interpretation.

Romanian Writers
Heightens appreciation of Romanian literature through an intensive study of the major works and lives of leading Romanian writers.

Romanian Politics & Economics
An introduction to the Romanian political and economic system.

Romanian Drama
Consists of reading Romania’s leading plays. Special attention is given to “The Theater of the Absurdity.”

Practical Romanian
A course designed to improve students’ proficiency in contemporary Romanian for practical use such as in letter writing and trade correspondence.

Studies of Eminescu
Studies the poetic theories of Eminescu, the Romanian poet genius.

Special Lecture on Romanian Language
Focuses on generally reinforcing what was learned during three years of Romanian language studies by supplementing needed areas.

Seminar on Romanian History
Studies Romanian history as an academic discipline and compares various historical viewpoints through seminars.

Seminar on Romanian Historical Linguistics
Examines the Romanian language from a historical, comparative linguistic approach.

Studies of Romanian Region
Studies various Romanian regions.

Seminar on Balkan Area

Studies the regional characteristics of the Balkan area and compares its language, culture, society, and geography.

Screen Romanian
Designed to help students understand the Romanian culture and region by watching and discussing selected well-known Romanian films and documentaries.