Department of Czech and Slovak Studies
Course Descriptions

Introduction to Czech & Slovak Studies (1), (2)
An introductory overview of Czech and Slovak studies with an emphasis on Czech linguistics and literature.

Elementary Czech(A/V) (1), (2)
Through the use of various audio-visual materials, students acquire accurate pronunciation and develop basic oral skills through listening and repetition of simple sentences.

Elementary Czech Grammar & Composition(1),(2)
Studies basic grammar and elementary level composition.

Practice in Elementary Czech-Korean Translation (1), (2)
Students engage in elementary translation practice using basic vocabulary, thereby acquiring basic Czech translation skills.

Elementary Czech Conversation (1), (2)
Students acquire elementary level oral skills in Czech based on elementary-level Czech grammar and sentence patterns.

Intermediate Czech Grammar & Composition(1),(2)
Studies intermediate level grammar and com- position.

Practice in Intermediate Czech-Korean Translation (1), (2)
Offered for students who have completed elementary level translation course. Develops the ability to analyze, translate, and summarize various Czech text content.

Intermediate Czech Conversation (1), (2)
Studies spoken Czech used in daily convertsations.

Czech & Slovak Area Study
By introducing the history, politics, economy, society, culture, and education of the Czech and Slovak region, students will boost their understanding of the region and prepare themselves to take more detailed courses.

History of Czech & Slovak Culture
The purpose of this course is to explore the history of the Czech and Slovak culture by theme.

Advanced Czech Conversation & Composition (1), (2)
Develops advanced-level Czech conversation and discussion skills on a variety of topics.

Czech Modern Literature
Studies the major works of leading modern Czech writers, from the beginning of the national restoration of the Czechs in the late 18th century to the late 19th century.

Czech & Slovak Modern History
Students will research Czech and Slovak history from the Middle Ages to modern times.

History of Czech Literature
Promotes understanding of Czech literature as a whole through an overview of Czech literature from antiquity to the present through different periods and trends of thought.

Czech Drama
This course will introduce Czech drama based on its history and trends. The focus of this course is to have students research and critique modern drama.

Czech Language and Culture
The study of how language responds to developments and changes in society is meaningful on a sociolinguistic level, when the language and culture of a society is approached from diachronic and synchronic perspectives. This course will focus on discussing the role of less-sophisticated forms of language, such as standard and colloquial Czech.

Elementary Slovak Grammar & Reading (1)
Students will expand their vocabulary as they learn basic Slovak grammar and practice basic reading skills.

Czech FLEX
The purpose of this course is to enable students to effectively prepare for the Czech FLEX exam. Students analyze and identify the characteristics of different types of mock questions related to Czech listening and reading evaluations.

Current Czech
Heightens linguistic sense of current Czech and increases understanding of various Czech affairs through readings of Czech newspaper and magazines.

Czech Contemporary Literature
Consists of reading, critiques, and appreciation of 20th century contemporary Czech literature.

Czech & Slovak Contemporary History
Students will study contemporary Czech and Slovak history, from integration to separation.

Czech Contemporary Poetry
Consists of reading and study of Czech poetry of the early 20th century Poetism movement as represented by Nezval and Seoifert to the present.

Current Slovak
Through textual exposition of Slovak newspapers, magazines, etc. students develop a linguistic sense related to current affairs and enhance their understanding of the various situations in Slovakia.

Study on Capek
This course is designed to research and analyze Capek novels, dramas and essays.

Business Czech
Based on acquisition of practical Czech, students develop the skills required to write business documents.

Screen Czech
Using Czech videos of different eras, students increase their understanding of daily Czech language used in different eras and develop the ability to use the literary style of each genre.

Seminar on Czech Literature
Seminars are provided on specific themes related to Czech literature.

Czech Writers
This course focuses on investigating and studying the lives and works of key writers of Czech literature.

Slovak Conversation (1), (2)
Students will be able to engage in simple Slovak conversations based on their knowledge of basic grammar and sentence patterns.

Studies of Milan Kundera
A study of the works of Kundera, a master of contemporary Czech literature and one of the world's leading 20th century novelists.

Czech Prose
Examines various forms of Czech prose, including its unique short pieces, essays, literary reviews, and treatises.

History of Czech & Slovak Intellectuals
This course researches leading cultural figures and intellectuals of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

History of Czech Language
This course takes an overall look at the process of change of the Czech language, from ancient Czech to modern Czech, as well as Old Church Slovak.

Czech & Slovak Politics and Economics
This course focuses on research into Czech and Slovak political and economic issues.