Department of Ukrainian Studies
Course Descriptions

Introduction to Ukrainian Studies (1), (2)
Students acquire basic knowledge about Ukraine in general and learn how to approach Ukraine in various fields. The goal is to have students understand the need for Ukrainian studies and to find reasons for Ukrainian area studies.

Beginning Ukrainian Conversation (1), (2)
This is a course for students who are learning Ukrainian for the first time. Focus is placed on learning how to speak for basic communication. Students will mainly learn terminologies and expressions needed in daily life and will be trained in various situations. This course is made more interesting by using simple songs, videos, and multimedia materials.

Ukrainian Language Lab (1), (2)
The goal of this course is to have students learn the phonological rules of Ukrainian and enable them to correctly pronounce words. This course will start from the alphabet and improve students' skills in listening basic words and sentences and speaking with accurate pronunciation.

Beginning Ukrainian Grammar and Composition (1), (2)
This course focuses on learning grammar so that students can understand the structure of Ukrainian. It introduces the Ukrainian parts of speech. Students learn basic grammar, such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. This course is designed to enable students to effectively familiarize themselves with grammar through the use of practice questions. Students also engage in basic composition practice.

Practice in Elementary Ukrainian Translation
By translating Ukrainian writings on various areas, students improve their Ukrainian vocabulary and gain knowledge of Ukrainian society in general, including its culture, art, politics, and economy.