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This online application system has been created to help you easily nominate and apply for programs, and provide immediate online application status.All international exchange students who wish to study at HUFS are required to apply for the student exchange prHUFS Exchangeogram through this system.  






General Guidelines for partner schools and prospective exchange students 



 General information
A. This online application system is only for the student exchange program (Regular semester & International Summer Session).
B. Coordinators at our partner schools and officially nominated students are allowed to access to this system.

   If you plan to study at our university as a visiting student, you are required to download the application form and if you want to  attend the ISS as a fee-paying student, please fill out the ISS online application form provided summer.hufs.ac.kr
Main Functions
- You can find current exchange programs available and application deadlines .
- Coordinators can easily find their institution's i.d.  
- You can check the exchange slots available by semester (Coordinators).
- You can easily nominate students by entering their names and date of birth (Coordinators).
- You can check the application status (Coordinators, Students).
- You can easily fill out the online form and directly send application packet to HUFS (Students).
  * Once you receive an iHUFS Login i.d. and complete the form, you don't need to visit your international office for paper validation.
- Our system will let you know when the invitation letters have been sent to your office and what the DHL tracking number is.


 For Current Partner Universities
Each current partner institution is given its own i.d. and the exchange program coordinator at our partner university can access our system using the institution i.d. and password. If you are a coordinator or a professor who is in charge of student exchange program (for outbound students) at our partner university, please log into our system to update your information and generate iHUFS codes for your nominated students.
Step by step Guides to use our system for coordinators from our partner universities
  A. How to find your institution’s i.d. and password   Click Here
  B. How to officially nominate your students Click Here 
  C. How to delete your student's nomination Click Here 
  D. How to check your students' application status Click Here
How to use our system to nominate your students (Coordinator's menu)
A. Find your institution’s i.d. and password
    N.B. If your university is our new exchange partner or has not recently sent any exchange students to HUFS, there may not be any i.d. for your institution. Please contact us via email (exchange@hufs.ac.kr) to get a new i.d. for your institution.  

B. Log into our system with your i.d. and password
    - Your institution's i.d. can be easily found on the system and your password will be given to you via email
    - If you have not received a password from HUFS, please contact us!!

C. Update your contact information and nominate students
     - Our office will use your contact information as the DHL delivery address for paper packages (invitation letter, transcript, etc.)
     - Please do not forget to add your zip/postal code when updating your current address  
      N.B. CONASEP partner institutions' slots will be available after we confirm your nomination of students through the CONASEP system. 

D. Check the application status of your students
    - When your students have completed the online application
    - Whether HUFS approved admission
    - When the invitation papers have been sent to you


 For Prospective Students
If you are an officially nominated exchange student, please enter your iHUFS code and password to proceed to our online application. If you forget your code, please contact the coordinator at the international office of your home university as your iHUFS code has been generated there. The password will be your date of birth (YYYYMMDD). For example, January 3, 1985 should be entered as “19850103”
How to fill out online application form (Students' menu)
A. Click “Complete Application Form” on the menu and fill it out.
B. Edit your application and save if necessary.
C. Click "Send/Print application Form" to COMPLETE online application.
   - Note: Once you hit the "Send" button, no further changes may be made
D. Print your application form and mail it to the HUFS address provided at the bottom of the application form.
   - Note: Supporting documents must be attached to the application form.
E. The “Your Application Status” menu enables you to check whether HUFS has received your application form and whether your admission has been approved.
   You will easily check whether:
    - online application has been received.
    - application packet has been successfully received by HUFS.
    - you have been admitted to the student exchange program.
   - certificate of admission and letter of acceptance have been sent to your international office.
     A DHL tracking number will be also provided to you online so that you can see where the documents are (DHL Tracking service).


Ms. Bo Myung Kim 
Email. exchange@hufs.ac.kr 
Tel. 82-2-2173-2062