Founding Spirit of the University

The HUFS Spirit: Beacon of the Global Era Hankuk University of Foreign Studies was founded in 1954 to produce talented individuals who could further Korea’s modernization and the cause of world peace. Based on genuine understanding and profound love for the Korean people and humankind, HUFS’ enterprising spirit has helped Korea establish a major presence in the world, overcoming national adversity from the Korean War. HUFS will continue to work for peace for all humankind through its ongoing search for the truth and create a new culture. This will primarily entail concentrating all its resources on fostering talented people for Korea in the world and for the world in Korea.

Educational Philosophy Inspired by the idea of free democracy, HUFS encourages the development of students’ individuality and builds their leadership character to make them highly capable people of the kind who can contribute to the development of Korea and the world. In the process, it never strays from its founding spirit of "truth, peace, and creation." HUFS is also moving to establish its independence as a private school while never losing sight of its nature as a public educational institution. In addition, HUFS seeks to differentiate itself from other institutions of higher education and maintain its distinctiveness, as manifested in its school name.

Founding Spirit Truth Truths that guide our lives like beacons on the horizon We devote our lives to the search for truth and reinforce the foundation of all academic studies with the light of truth, expanding our knowledge and experience about ourselves and the world.

Peace Mutually beneficial relationships between individuals, between nations, and between humankind and nature HUFS is devoted to academic and cultural exchange with other ethnic groups and those who uphold other ideologies to pave the way for dialogue and agreement of the human race, so that ultimately humankind may peacefully coexist and prosper

Creation Promotion of Korean culture to enrich the world Founded on the basis of love of country, HUFS promotes Korean culture to enrich the world in the era of openness and lays the groundwork for creation of a new culture suitable for globalization.

Philosophy of Educaton HUFS derives its educational philosophy from the spirit of the school’s motto, “Truth, Peace, and Creativity. Students are encouraged to embrace the ideals of liberal democracy and to cultivate a sense of individuality and leadership to make a contribution to the enrichment and prosperity of the nation and the world as a whole.

HUFS Objectives HUFS cultivates enlightened citizens with a global perspective and creative professionals who will lead the fusion of the world’s cultures in the future. Students are educated in the liberal arts encompassing the humanities as well as the social and natural sciences to build a sound foundation of knowledge. Furthermore, students are trained in one or more foreign languages, a prominent feature and priority at HUFS. Coupled with the language training is the study of regional geopolitics, economy, society and culture in different parts of the world, in order to nurture true citizens of the world.