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Admission for the Second Semester, 2019
Graduate School of Education at Hankuk University of Foreign
Studies (Night Classes)

I. Application Dates

Distinction Dates and Deadlines Place Notes
Issuance of Application
(on the Internet)
Scheduled for April 25, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. ~ May 7, 2019 at 9:30 p.m. Open 24 hours for filling out application on the internet
Submission Scheduled for April 25, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. ~ May 7, 2019 at 9:30 p.m. The office of Graduate School of Education
(111 Graduate School)
In case of submission via mail, it is valid only arrived by May 7, 2019
Interview Scheduled for May 25, 2019 Examination hall at Graduate School Building Interview schedule will be noticed at GSE Website by May 24, 2019 at 4 p.m.
Announcement Scheduled for June 13, 2019 at 4 p.m. GSE Website
Enrollment Scheduled for June 17 ~ 21, 2019 Bank : Wooribank At banking hours
(Internet banking and phone banking is available)

*Application should be submitted within business hours of Office of Registrar.
(14:30~21:30, Saturdays,Sundays and legal holidays off)

*All applicants should take part in the interview.

*For mailing: The office of Graduate School of Education at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, 107, Imun-Ro, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul 02450, Korea

II. Majors and Capacity

Course Majors Capacity
MA in Pedagogy Korean Language Education Creative and Convergent Education ○○○
Chinese Language Education Japanese Language Education
English Language Education English Education for Young Learners
History Education Social Science Education
Mathematics Education Computer Education
Counseling Psychology Early Childhood Education
Multicultural Education Spanish Language Education
Educational Management and Leadership Reading and Essay Writing Education

III. Criteria

A. University graduates or graduates-to-be graduating in August, 2019

B. BAs from foreign universities (graduates-to-be are not applicable-different graduation dates)

C. BAs by self-study (expected BAs are not applicable)

D. Anyone with same or more academic achievements recognized by the secretary of Ministry of Education based on other laws
Applicants can apply for different major from college. (Certificate is not achievable)

E. Foreign Applicants are required to prove their Korean proficiency level by submitting a certificate of TOPIK level 3 or higher (Students need to achieve TOPIK level 4 or higher before graduation). Otherwise, international applicants have to submit one of the following English qualifications: TOEFL (550 PBT/210 CBT/80 IBT or above), IELTS (an overall grade of 5.5 or above), FLEX (550 or above), TEPS (550 or above).

IV. Documents

[*Only the ones as valid as the original copy can be submitted in case of documents issued online]
[*Submit the documents at the office or by mail]

A. Application Form (written and printed online) 1

B. Research Proposal (GSE prescribed form) 1

C. College Diploma and Transcripts (Grades by Percentage) 1

▶ Korean verification by related embassy needed for foreign college graduates

▶Go to Confucius Institute in Seoul for Chinese college verification. First translate diploma and scripts (in English) and get them verified. (Submit both English copies and verifications)

D. Copy of Teacher’s License 1 (if applicable)

E. Certificate of Career 1 (In-Service Teachers Only)

F. Recommendation from Associated Consignor 1 (Active-Duty Soldiers Only)

G. Uploaded Photos (3x4cm)

▶ If color prints are unavailable, put them on application and identification slip and take them to the interview.

H. Others

▶ Application Fee: 80,000 won (Included Online Transaction Fee 5,000 won)

▶ Applications should be sent as registered mails and the ones received after 17:00 on the last date will not be considered.

▶ A Copy of Foreign Language Proficiency(within two years of application): English Language Education, Chinese Language Education Applicants will be granted extra scores.

Distinction Certificate Notes
English Language Education FLEX English, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS If applicants applicable. (Optional)
Chinese Language Education HSK
Foreign applicants TOPIK level 3 or higher (Foreign students need to achieve TOPIK level 4 or higher before graduation.) or English Qualification (Please refer #3 Criteria) All foreign applicants have to submit. (Compulsory)
All certificates are valid within two years of application.


◈ All submitted documents should be issued within three months of submission.

◈ Sign on the application.

◈ Documents should be submitted at the office or by mail.

◈ Take the identification slip on the day of interview.

◈ Submitted documents will not be returned.

If the documents or information are found to be incorrect, the applicant will bear all potential disadvantages.

V. Benefits

A. In-service teachers will be granted extra scores.

B. In-service teachers will be granted scholarship through five semesters. (*for applicants every semester)

C. Students with excellent achievements will be granted scholarship.

VI. Other

A. Teacher’s License
Students with the same major from college (or minor, more than 30 credits) can obtain teacher’s license if finish all required subjects until graduation.

1) Credits obtained from credit bank, self-education, or cyber colleges are acknowledged. Teacher’s license is achievable.

2) Teacher’s license is not achievable for Educational Management and Leadership, Reading and Essay Writing Education, English Education for Young Learners, Multicultural Education, and Creative and Convergent Education.

B. Multicultural Education
Students who finish required subjects needed for Certificate of multicultural society expert by ‘Clause 2, Article 53-2 of Enforcement Regulation of Immigration Control Law’ can obtain second degree certificate of Multicultural Society Expert.

C. Reading and Essay writing Education
In response to national needs and social requests for reading and essay writing education, we have established a Master's degree in Education to train such professionals. (Teacher’s license is not achievable for Reading and Essay writing Education).

D. Creative and Convergent Education
In response to national needs and social requests for creative and convergent capability, we have established a Master’s degree in Education to train such professionals. (Teacher’s license is not achievable for Creative and Convergent Education)

E. MAs can apply for doctoral degree at our school.

Graduate School of Education|TEL. +82-2-2173-2421   E-Mail.