International Exchange

Graduate School of International and Area StudiesDistinguish yourself in the midst of diversity and plan your future with international competitiveness at HUFS! Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is a premier university for globalized education, where students from around the world actively foster our prevailing international mindset. Developed in conjunction with internationally renowned universities and research institutes, HUFS offers extensive opportunities to help students grow to become internationally competitive individuals. The student exchange program at HUFS is designed to develop a global perspective by gaining an appreciation of cultural diversity through immersion in academic and cultural experiences. The Student Exchange Program is a system in which students of HUFS and an overseas sister university, based on an agreement of credit and student exchanges, study in the other university for a specific period of time and get their credits accepted by their original affiliated university. Students remain enrolled with their home institution and pay tuition fees to their home university. The programs that are undertaken may be credited towards a degree depending on transfer agreements.

Current Exchange Partners & Programs

Please click the link to find the list of current exchange partner institutions and programsGO

※ The list includes only active current exchange partners which send their exchange students to HUFS every semester More institutions can be added to the list based on the exchange agreement The number of participating universities could vary by semester or program


Students are eligible to be an exchange student if:

- Their home university has a student exchange agreement with HUFS

- Their home university is a member of CONASEP (http://www.conahecstudentexchange.org)

- They are nominated by the exchange coordinator of their home university and can meet the entry requirements

Entry Requirements

Students should have completed at least one semester at their home university at the time of participation in this program.
In order to gain admission, students are required to provide the evidence of their GPA over 2.5 out of 4.5 or grade equivalent to B/credit average.

※ Korean/English Language Proficiency Requirements

Language Proficiency requirements have been established to ensure that all students registered on HUFS undergraduate program are able to adequately participate in and benefit from the instructional activities, which are mostly provided in Korean and English.

1) Korean Language
applicants whose native language is not Korean and want to take regular courses taught in Korean are required to provide one of evidences of Korean language proficiency.

a. Over the 3th grade of TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) or 350 of KLPT

b. Over the 3rd level certificate of HUFS Center for Korean Langauge & Culture

c. Official transcript proving you have earned at least 15 total credits from Korean Language related courses.

2) English Language
Applicants whose native language is not English and want to take regular courses taught in English are required to provide one of evidences of English language proficiency.

a. IELTS - overall band score of at least 6.0

b. TOEFL - above 500 (Computer based 173, Internet based 63)

c. TOEIC - above 800

d. Letter from a university professor familiar both with expected standards in an English-medium university program and with the student's ability to perform in an English-medium academic atmosphere.

※ Students whose first language is Korean or English do not need to submit the proof of language proficiency if they plan to take courses taught in their first language.

Enrollment Information

Exchange students are required to be enrolled as full-time students at HUFS undergraduate/graduate course or Intensive Korean Language course for the proposed period of study.

1. Undergraduate course (16 weeks a semester)
Full time status of undergraduate students will be based on registration for more than 12 credits.
Korean students normally take 7-8 classes for 18-20 credits (at maximum) per semester.

2. Intensive Korean Language course (10 weeks a regular term)

※ Short term courses are not available for exchange students. Students are required to take at least one regular term.

How/When to Apply

If students have been successfully nominated as exchange students, they need to contact and apply through the international office at their home university.
To make exchange application:

1. Log into our online application system @http://international.hufs.ac.kr or click the banner below

exchange Student

※ Login ID & password for nominated students will be generated by the student exchange program coordinator at their home university. So, students are advised to contact their international office to get the ID & password

2. Fill out the online application

3. Complete your application by sending it (click the send button) and print it.

4. Attach all required supporting documents

- A brief essay which includes your personal history and your plan of study

- 1 copy of your academic transcript

- 1 certificate of current enrollment at your home university (institution)

- 2 photos (3*4 cm)

- 1 copy of your passport

- 1 Letter of recommendation

- On-campus Dorm application & Health Examination Form (Dorm applicants only)

- 1 copy of evidence of proficiency in Korean or English language or reference letter(if required)

5. Mail the application packet (printed application and other supporting documents) to HUFS address provided at the bottom of the application form.

Online Application Submission Deadlines

1. Spring Entry: November 15 (Online Application), November 30 (Paper Submission)

2. Fall Entry: May 15 (Online Application), May 30 (Paper Submission)


- Address :
Office of International Student Services 107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea, 130-791

- Website : http://international.hufs.ac.kr

- Phone : +82-2-2173-2065

- Fax : +82-2-2173-2877

- E-mail : exchange@hufs.ac.kr

TEL. +82-2-2173-2065   E-Mail. exchange@hufs.ac.kr