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Campus Map

 Campus Panoramic View:






 Campus Map:

























          1.  Main(Administration) Building                                    
        2.  Humanities Building
        3.  Institute of Teaching and Learning Development
        4.  Foreign Language Training and Testing Center
        5.  International Building
        6.  Graduate Schools
        7.  University Press Center
        8.  Faculty Office Building I
        9.  Faculty Office Building II 
       10. University Library

       11. Cafe Grazie
       12. Social Science Building 
       13. Student Hall and GlobeeDorm 
       14. Law School Building 
       15. Open Air Theater 
       16. HUFS Historical Archives 
       17. Minerva Complex 
       18. Minerva Square 
       19. Main Gate & Information Office





 Visitor Information:


        The Incheon International Airport (IIA), in the city of Incheon, is the biggest and main

        international airport in Korea. It is an about 60-minute car ride to Hankuk University of

        Foreign Studies(HUFS). It costs you about U$40 for regular taxi and U$60 for deluxe

        taxi. For more information on transportation from the airport to downtown Seoul,

        please visit the IIA web site(http://www.airport.or.kr./eng/), all fares are payable

        KRW only.


        Taxi fares from Incheon International Airport to HUFS are quite expensive. We recommend taking

        the subway or Limousine Bus from the airport and transferring to a taxi at a bus stop near   

        the university.  




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