In December 1991 the fifteen Republics that had formed the Soviet Union became independent sovereign states, twelve of which became the new Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The fifteen post-communist countries are no longer closed spaces, but have become wide-open “lands of opportunities” for many countries in the world, including Korea. The educational aim of the Russia-CIS Studies Department is to produce active and creative specialists who will play a key role in developing partnership relations between the countries of the region and Korea. The chief characteristic of this department is that it pursues policy -oriented studies based on the use of social scientific methods and knowledge that can be directly applied in the field. Based on a command of knowledge of the fifteen countries including linguistic competence in Russian, regional languages, and English the educational focus of the department is on a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the complex Russia-CIS mega-area. This is reflected in a thriving multidisciplinary program that aims to cultivate the qualities needed by specialists in the professional fields of politics/diplomacy, trade/investment, and cultural interchange.


- Variety of Russia-CIS area specialist training programs
- Organizational and education connections with Russian Institutes
- Weekly special lectures by Russia-CIS specialists from inside and outside of the country
- Russia-CIS Academic Seminar (twice per year)
- Publishes collection of theses from Russia-CIS department in Korean and the Russia-CIS Review in English.

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