Department of Latin American Studies aims at cultivating area specialists with knowledge of the Latin American and Caribbean region in the fields of politics, economy, business, and society, and culture. To this end the department offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary program through graduate seminars and special lectures. The sub-major field of politics consists of courses focusing on understanding the macro-region's political development and democracy, political economy, and international relations. The economy/business track is composed of courses on Latin America’s macro-economy, the region’s interaction with the world economy, and regional economic integration. The society/culture concentration consists of courses providing a broad understanding of Latin American and Caribbean society covering history, culture, social structure, and changes in race and religion. Thanks to a grant from the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, the Latin American Studies Department offers a course each semester alternating between a Latin America Policy Seminar and a Latin American Business Seminar. High-ranking officials from Korean and foreign governments, domestic and international organizations and firms, as well as scholars and experts are invited to present lectures in these courses. The professional development activities of students receive support from abroad-based institutional linkages with the region's universities and selected organizations,as well aswith Korean in stitutions that facilitate direct contacts and enhance exchanges/study abroad programs and internship opportunities.

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