Ph.D degrees offered at GSIAS are as follows and prospective students who are both outstanding and hardworking are kindly suggested to contact respective Department Chairs and follow the guidelines for application. The degree can be pursued in the course of study in an area concentration. The program is designed to produce graduates who are both outstanding researchers and experts prepared to apply their knowledge and skills to practical problem-solving. Candidates write a faculty-supervised Ph.D. dissertation in English, Korean or their regional specialty language.

Ph.D. Degrees

Dept.Degree (Ph.D in)
Korean StudiesKorean Studies
International Area Studies

International Area Studies
 Political Science

International Development
"name of region" Studies
(e.g. PhD in Chinese Studies)

International Studies

International Relations
International Development


- A minimum of 36 credit hours as advised by program supervisor with the minimum grade point average of
   3.00 out of the maximum of 4.50 points
   (A minimum of 64 credit hours in case of Integrated Master&Ph.D program)
- 2 years (4 semesters) of residence for course work
    *3 years (6 semesters) of residence for course work in case of Integrated Master&Ph.D program.
- One year of Thesis Guidance after course work
- A qualifying examination(Comprehensive Exam) in 3 selected fields
- Proficiency test in foreign languages (Foreign Language Proficiency Exam)
- Dissertation proposal defense conducted under a committee of 3 professors
- A dissertation written under the supervision of an advisory professor in the department
- Oral defense of the dissertation conducted under a committee of 5 professors

Duration of Coursework : 2 years (3 years in case of Intergrated MA&Ph.D)

Maximum Stay of School Years

   - Doctoral (Ph.D.): 5 years
   - Intergrated: 8 years (Any absence is not counted in)

Credits required for Completion

   - Doctoral (Ph.D.): 36 credit minimum
   - Intergrated: 64 credits

Credits per Semester

   - Doctoral (Ph.D.): 3 credits ~ 9 credits
   - Intergrated: 3 credits ~ 12 credits



1stsemester 2ndsemester 3rdsemester 4thsemester Total
3 credits




Major Courses 6 credits 9 credits 6 credits 6 credits 27 credits
Selective Courses



3 credits 3 credits 6 credits
Total 9 credits 9 credits 9 credits 9 credits 36 credits

Comprehensive Examination

Students on the doctoral program have to pass the Comprehensive Examination for the successful completion of their studies. The exam comprises three subjects (two major subjects + one concentration subject for doctoral course), chosen by the Head of the respective Department, under the permission of the GSIAS Dean.

Eligibility : Doctoral students who ahve completed (are expected to complete) the coursework.
Application : Please check the notice on the GSIAS website in March or September. The exam takes place once a semester
                     and students are required to submit the application form to the GSIAS Office. Students who fail the exam can
                     retake it until they pass. For retaking the exam, application fees are applied per subject.
Passing Grade: 70 out of 100.

Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement

Students have to pass the foreign language proficiency examt for the successful completion of their studies. The test is held twice a year for students who have registered more than one semester. There is no limit to the number of times the test may be taken. There is no limit to the number of times the test may be taken but application fees are applied for retaking the test.
Dept Subject Note
Int’l Area Studies
General English Exemption Allowed

Major-Relevant Regional Language

Int’l Relations General English

Major-Relevant Regional Language (English)

Korean Studies: Korean Students General English
Korean Studies: Int’l Students TOPIK Level 5 or above


Alternate scores for General English: Master & Ph.D

Department Exam
English Major (North American Studies, EU Studies, U-PEACE, Int’l Studies) 950
PBT CBT IBT 7.5 901
Non-English Major 850 580 237 92 7.0 750

Exemptions for Foreign Language Proficiency Exam

*On/Off-line application for exemption and submission of relevant documents required.

① Native speakers of English or their major-relevant regional language can obtain an exemption as appropriate.

② Doctoral students who graduated from GSIAS Master's program can get an exemption for the Foreign Language
    Proficiency tes.
③ Doctoral students who achieved FLEX 340 or above out of 600 (reading part only)can get exemption for the major
    language(regional language) or second foreign language subject.
④ Doctoral students in the Korean Studies Department who achieved TOPIK Level 5 or above can get exemption for
    the Major Korean language subject. (Non-Korean Students Only)
⑤ Master's and Doctoral students who achieved test scores as per the table above can get exemption for English.