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1.Administration Office




Mr. Sekown OhOIAM Director 2060International
Ms.Yuna ParkExchange Manager 2062 Inbound Exchange Programs
Community Outreach
Peer Tutoring
Dr.William StewartExchange Programs 2659 Inbound Exchange Program
Public Relations
Mr.Byunghyuk KimVisiting Student Manager2730International Summer Session Program
Visiting Student Program
International Student Organization(ISO)
Ms.Yoonmee LeeAssistant Manager 2068Student Service for International Undergraduate
Ms.Jingtao WangAssistant Manager 2730Student Service for International Undergraduate(Chinese)
Mr.Wonil KiInternational Admissions Counselor2065International Undergraduate Admissions
Visa&Immigration Counseling
Ms.Xianhua ShenInternational Admissions Counselor2090International Undergraduate Admissions
Chinese Student Support

International Student Services

107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, 130-791, Korea

2. Campus Map

1.  Main(Administration) Building
2.  Humanities Building
3.  Institute of Teaching and Learning Development
4.  Foreign Language Training and Testing Center
5.  International Building
6. Graduate Schools
7.  University Press Center
8.  Faculty Office Building I
9.  Faculty Office Building II
10. University Library
11. Faculty Office Building B
12. Social Science Building
13. Student Hall and GlobeeDorm
14. Law School Building
15. Open Air Theater
16. HUFS Historical Archives
17. Minerva Complex
18. Minerva Square
19. Main Gate & Information Office
20. Cyber Building