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The ISS at HUFS offers on-campus dormitory and nearby off-campus dormitories for overseas students as well as for Korean students from outside the Seoul area.

If you would like to book a dormitory, please submit the dormitory application form along with your application form. Click here to download

DORM CHECK-IN for ISS : July 17(Wednesday)
DORM CHECK-OUT for ISS : August 16~17(Friday ~ Saturday)


Meals are not included in the dormitory fee. HUFS has three great cafeterias loved by students(the student cafeteria, the faculty cafeteria, the sky lounge).
You can choose a variety of foods : student cafeteria has economical meals (max 3,000 Won), the faculty cafeteria has a semi buffet style meals(5,000 Won) and the sky lounge has fine dining(10,000 Won).

Types of Dormitories

International House A (KRW 700,000)Female-only dormitory accomodates 36 female students. Rooms are equipped with air conditioner, a small kitchen facilities and WiFi. 2-min from the campus.
International House B (KRW 700,000)
Rooms are equipped with air conditioner, small kitchen facilities and WiFi. 2-min from the campus.

Special Request

Single Room

For those who require more privacy, there are a small number of fully-equipped single rooms available in International House C. Please contact the manager to check for vacancy. (Rate : KRW 850,000)

Single Room

If you need any special assistance related to your health, please consult with the manager.

Early Arrival/ Late Stay

Ask our staff about room availability after end of June when the room assignments are finished. Early check-in or late check-out is not 100% guaruateed and will cost extra fee. Globee dorm can not accomodate extra days due to other university programs. Please make appropriate arrangements such as booking a hotel, hostel, or airbnb in advance.