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Media, Conflict and Peace Studies Introduction to the Programmes

Sustainable Development

◎ Description

Sustainable development brings together the environmental, social and economic dimensions of human development into one interdisciplinary field of study. In a time of accelerating global change, this program seeks to offer a broad global understanding of sustainability issues while helping students develop the appropriate specialist scientific, managerial and generic skills for a career in the sustainability sector.
Drawing on the faculty’s internationally recognised expertise in research and teaching on environmental issues, the program gives a comprehensive and comparative introduction to both the human and natural dimensions of global change. On this basis, a number of more specific issues can be studied, such as the science and politics of climate change, the role of technology in achieving sustainability and green political theory.

◎ Objectives
Successful students will develop an understanding of knowledge in the areas of science, technology, policy and economics relevant to sustainability. The aim of the program is to train compassionate and well-educated critical thinkers who can engage not only with the latest scholarship on sustainability issues but also possess the practical skills necessary to contribute to the implementation of sustainable technologies and policies. Thanks to the unique format of the program with one year of studies located at the University for Peace in Costa Rica, students will develop crucial intercultural communication abilities as well as language skills which will set them apart from other graduates.

◎ Student Profile
Graduates from the program will acquire the skills and tools necessary to pursue careers in international organizations, private companies or government agencies working with sustainability issues. Thanks to the advanced methodological training and practical research experience that the students will gain, the program can also serve as a platform for future post-graduate academic studies and scholarship.