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02-2173-3079 (1연구동 501)



PhD Seoul National University

 M.F.E. University of California, Berkeley

 M.S. University of Chicago

 B.A. Yonsei University


경력 및 활동

Samsung asset management



Valuation, Accounting for Financial Institutions, Disclosures, Derivatives



"Implications of Firms Having Both Highly Negative Accruals and Cash Flows for Test of Accruals Anomaly" (with Jung Hoon Kim), 2017, Accounting Horizons, Vol. 31, No. 1, 1-22 [SSCI].


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 "Value Relevance of Earnings News, Accruals News, and Cash Flows News: Evidence from Korea" (with Su Jeong Lee, and Yongoh Noh), 2014, The Korean Accounting Journal 23(3):1-32.


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 "The Tunneling Effect through Merger between Affiliated Firms: The Case of WooWon Development" (with Bok Baik, Bum-Joon Kim, and Sang-Giun Yim), 2013, The Korean Accounting Journal 22(2): 336-363.


 "Usefulness of Accounting Information from the Viewpoint of Financial Analysts Before and After Asset Revaluation" (with Jong-Hag Choi, and Ju-ryum Chung), 2013, The Korean Accounting Review 38(1): 247-281.


 "A Study on the Exact Timing of Annual Earnings Announcement" (with Bok Baik, and Joonil Lee), 2012, The Korean Accounting Review 37(4): 253-293.


 "The Earnings Management around Backdoor Listing: The Case of Neosemitech" (with Bok Baik, Bum-Joon Kim, and Ho-Sik Shim), 2011, The Korean Accounting Journal 20(5): 203-230.


학술대회 발표논문

2016: AAA Annual Meeting (U.S.)

Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives

Financial Markets & Corporate Governance Conference (Australia)

2015: AAA Annual Meeting (U.S.)

Asian-Pacific Conference on Accounting Issues

Financial Management Association-Asia

Conference on Asian Pacific Financial Markets (CAFM)


2014: AAA Annual Meeting (U.S.)

Korean Academic Society of Business Admistration

Financial Markets & Corporate Governance Conference (Australia)

2013: AAA Annual Meeting (U.S.)

Korean Academic Society of Business Administration


2011: Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives

Korean Accounting Association Winter Conference



Best Paper Award for Financial Accounting in the 5th Financial Market & Corporate Governance Conference

Maekyung Outstanding Paper Award for 2013 Korean Academic Society of Buisness Admistration

Best Paper Award for 7th Conference of Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives


학회 주요 활동

Korean Accounting Association

Korean Securities Association

American Accounting Association

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