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dot Global IT for Alternative Major Courses (for engineering students)

- When a student of the College Engineering takes courses in the Global Division of IT, earned credits will be counted

   as major credits of his/her primary major. Since students cannot take the same course more than once, they can take

   each course only once either from their majors or from the Global Division.
- Even if a student of the College of Engineering earns 54 credits in the Global Division, he/she will not be awarded a

double major degree, since each course cannot be counted twice as his/her major and as a double major.

dot Graduate Study

- Like other interdisciplinary programs, Global IT can be taken as a double major.

- Through this interdisciplinary program, students of other disciplines can have an opportunity to become a multifunctional

   engineer equipped with software development skills and specific expertise in their areas of study such as culture and