Tuition Payment

Guide for Tuition Payment

1. 2020 Fall Semester Tuition Payment Period 
   1. First Registration Period:August 20 to 26
   2. Second Registration Period: September 14 to 18

2. Additional Semester (over 9 semesters) Enrollment Tuition Payment
   1. Registration Period:If taking over 10 credits, you can make your payment during the second registration period.
     (In the first registration period, the full tuition fee will be indicated on the tuition bill)
   2. Full tuition fees must be paid until 8th semester. (Not calculated according to course registration credits)
   3. From 9th semester, tuition fee is calculated depending on course registration credits as follows:


Registration Amount

1 - 3 credits

1/6 of tuition

4 - 6 credits

1/3 of tuition

7 - 9 credits

1/2 of tuition

over 10 credits

full payment

3. Information regarding Overseas Remittance
   1. Woori Bank
   2. Account Name : Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
   3. Address : 107 Imun-Ro, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea, 02450
   4. Account NO. : Your virtual account number printed on tuition bill
   5. Swift Code : HVBKKRSEXXX
For Overseas Remittance, you must select ‘remitter(sender) pays all fees’ and ‘send full payment’.

    - If the amount remitted is less than the amount stated on the bill, the School will send an e-mail related to the unpaid payment

      and if you fail to pay the unpaid payment within the registration period, you will be expelled from school. 

3. How to check whether tuition has been paid
   1. When to check
     - In case of remittance from Korean account:after 24 hours
     - In case of remittance from foreign account:after 3 to 5 business days (If payment is not confirmed after 5 days, please check whether the school has sent an e-mail regarding the unpaid amount)
   2. How to check:Web Information System – Registration/scholarship information – Registration details

4. For Overseas Remittance, Refund method due to excess amount
    Processing period:After halfway through each semester
    2. How it works:After receiving e-mail from the School, register Korean account number on Web Information System
       ※ In case you registered only the Korean account number to be refunded and did not open a bankbook, you can apply for a refund next semester
       ※ The name of the account holder must be the same as the name on the Web Information System (cannot be changed)