Returning to School

How to Apply

  • (Click here to download ‘The Application for Returning to School’)
  • 1. Application Period

       1. For Spring Semester: Dec. 15th ~ Feb. 15th

       2. For Fall Semester: Jun. 15th ~ Aug. 15th

    2. Procedure

       1. A student submit the required documents.

       2. School will inform the student of the notifications by phone call written in the application form.

          - You must write down your correct phone number of home country. Certificate of admission will be issued late if the phone call is not made or we cannot reach the student directly.
    School will send the student ‘Certificate of Admission’ and ‘Certificate of Business Registration.’

    3. Required Documents

       1. Application Form

       2. A copy of passport

       3. A copy of the front and back side of Alien Registration Card

            - when you submit the documents via e-mail, please write your title in below form:

               ‘Student ID, Name in Korean, ’Apply for Returning to School’

    4. Notification

       1. If you would like to canel the application for returning to school, you must submit the application for cancellation of returning to school. (Click here to download ‘The Application for Canellation of Returning to School’)
       2. After you return to school, if you do not pay your tuition fee during the payment period, you will be expelled.
       3. The academic status on the student portal will be processed at once every semester before the bill printing period.
           ex) You applied for returning to school on July 10th (which is before Aug. 15th) and recieve a message from OIAM that your application was accepted. However, on the student portal, it will still show you that “you are on leave of absence”. Additionally, this will not make any difference in your course registration.

    After Getting a Visa

    1. Application for Certificate of Admission and Date of Sending

    Application Period for Certificat of Admission

    Date of Sending

    2020. 12. 15. ~ 2021. 01. 03.

    2021. 01. 04.

    2021. 01. 04. ~ 2021. 01. 17.

    2021. 01. 18.

    2021. 01. 18. ~ 2021. 01. 31.

    2021. 02. 01.

    2021. 02. 01. ~ 2021. 02. 15.

    2021. 02. 16.

    2. Notification

       1. Certificate of Admission will be valid for 3 months. If you do not apply for a visa within 3 months, you must notify the school by e-mail or phone call.

       2. School only provides students of ‘Certificate of Admission’ and ‘Certificate of Business Registration.’ Please contact the embassy in your country for other materials because the required materials are vary by embassies.

       3. Student must apply for the ARC within 90 days after entering Korea.
          - Before applying for the ARC, if the visa is automatically canceled by the immigration office for personal reasons, the visa must be reissued from the home country and then enter Korea.
    In the case of above mentioned situation, you must notify the school by e-mail or phone call.

       4. Contact :
          - Tell:02-2173-2730